Ben Franklin and the Armonica

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Cecilia Brauer


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Ben Franklin and the Glass Armonica is an interdisciplinary program which brings life to Social Studies, Music and the Sciences. Students learn how Franklin came to invent this unusual instrument as well as a myriad of other inventions which we now take for granted.

Students are invited to interact with Mrs. Brauer who becomes a Revolutionary personality. Her vast knowledge of Franklin enables her to satisfy students curiosities and questions. Her enthusiasm for this amazing American is infectious.

The program works best in the classroom where students can sit close to Mrs. Brauer and the Armonica. Her authentic costume provides insight into the daily life of a woman of the Colonial Period. Students are encouraged to read and write about Franklin following the presentation.

Comments from teachers

"Many can teach, only a special few can reach. You made an impact on our students understanding of Franklin, the Revolutionary Period and the history of the Armonica"--Marion Strreet School, Lynbrook, NY

"This is one of the best programs we provide for children."--Port Jefferson School, NY

Comments from students about the sound of the Armonica

"music from heaven...angels singing...sound of whales... organ... wind whistling in the trees...peaceful...sweet"

  • Format: 50-60 minutes
  • Grades: 3-6
  • Cost: Call for price range and availability (516) 378-0449
  • PTA approved

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