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Hunger Games Birthday Party Ideas to Pin Right Now

Terri Zimmer


First the book, then the movie, and now…the party!

The Hunger Games is an exciting birthday party theme that has lots to do. While some kids’ party themes lend themselves to interesting decorations and color combos, The Hunger Games has it all: iconic images, fun references, and of course – games! This is a great theme for teen or tween parties, but adults can get into it too.

Here are some of the things we’re pinning to plan an unforgettable Hunger Games Kids Party. The odds of having fun are ever in your favor!

Girl on Fire

We love everything about everything in this Hunger Games Catching Fire Kids' Party featured on Kara's Party Ideas. The firey color theme created a nice contrast with mix of natural elements. The kids were divided up into Districts instead of teams for traditional party games like sack races. 

Photo Credit: Kara's Party Ideas 

Capitol Couture

This Hostess with the Mostess set up is  as vivid as an Effie Trinket hairstyle. For their collaboration with WalMart, they dreamed up a deliciously dystopian dessert table. Get the look with their free printables

altPhoto Credit: Hostess with the Mostess

Photo Credit: Hostess with the Mostess

Sponsor Gifts 

Be Haymitch for a day and provide your little tributes with little survival gifts. This table is part of a user submitted party on Catch My Party and is a fun take on the traditional goodie bag. Gifts include water bottles, flashlights, and bookmarks. 

Photo Credit: Catch My Party 


Reaping Raffle

Guests were invited to enter a reaping raffle at this party hosted by Melissa from Melificent.com. The tribute named at the end of the party won a unique Hunger Games poster. Kids can earn more entries into the reaping by performing little tasks or answering trivia questions during the party. Pull the winner's name as the cake is served!

Photo Credit: Melificent.com 

Fun Food

Hunger Games party food can be fun and clever. We found amazing references to Nightlock and all sorts of goodies from the Mellark Bakery, but these cute name plates for food from Wendy Updegraff of Jacksonville, FL were our favorites!

altaltPhoto Credit: Wendy Updegraff Photography

Hunger Games Party Games

Any good kids' party needs to include activities. We found the ultimate Hunger Games party games from Rachelle at the Out of the Attic blog. She played head Gamemaker and put her 24 tributes through the most fun version of the Hunger Games ever! They played Tracker Jacker tag (the kid with the fewest "stings" win)...

altPhoto Credit: Out of the Attic

practiced Peeta's camouflage techniques...

altPhoto Credit: Out of the Attic

and even went into full-on training mode with a trip to the archery range that even Katniss would love.

altPhoto Credit: Out of the Attic

Steal the Spotlight 

Just like Katniss stealing the spotlight at everyturn, you'll need something that you just can't ignore. A Cinna-worthy backdrop should do the trick. Get full DIY instructions at Hostess with the Mostess.

altPhoto Credit: Hostess with the Mostess

Sweet Ending

Just like the book, you'll want a sweet ending (no spoilers, promise!). A breathtaking cake should do the trick.

Photo Credit: Wendy Updegraff Photography 

Happy Hunger Games! Check out our board on Pinterest for more ideas.