15 Seriously Creative Proposal Ideas

Chelsea PellegrinoContributor

Now more than ever, people are stepping outside the (ring) box to pop the question. While your proposal should be something unique and meaningful, it doesn't hurt to take a look at some inspiration! From tear-jerkers to jaw-droppes, here are some of the most creative marriage proposals we've seen: 

  1. Message in a Coke Bottle

    When “Sharing a Coke” turns into sharing a life together.

  2. Pictionary Perfect
    A proposal using Pictionary cards
    Some photo-shopping skills helped this man turn his proposal into the most exciting Pictionary topic ever!

  3. Latte Art from the Heart

    Girls like their coffee how they like their diamonds... large, and in the form of a marriage proposal.

  4. 4 Magic Words

    Our own Chris Anthony performed the most engaging magic trick we've ever seen.

  5. Really Making a Splash

    Credit: yourengagement101.com
    As it turns out, the drop on Disney's Splash Mountain ride is the perfect place to sneak in a proposal!

  6. A Not-So-Corny Message

    After 40 hours of planning and work, this corn field did all the talking.

  7. It's a Ring, Harry!

    Credit: Equally Wed
    For all the Harry Potter fans out there: finding this Snitch means you're about to get hitched.

  8. Angry Birds, Happy Fiancée

    Credit: trendhunter.com
    Not only did she reach Level 3 of Angry Birds, but also received a sweet surprise when she got there.

  9. Movie-worthy Proposal

    Spoiler alert: She said yes.

  10. Written in the Cars

    Inspired by a first date, when she asked for a fast ride in his sports car. It took more than 43 cars for this guy to pop the question!

  11. The Future's Looking Up

    Credit: Hostess with the Mostess Blog
    We can't all be princesses, but a Disney-inspired wedding proposal might be the next best thing.

  12. Say, "Yes!"

    Here's the perfect way to capture this special moment. Find your photo booths here!

  13. Roommates for Life

    Credit: Huffington Post
    The dorm building was a not-so-obvious option for these college sweethearts.

  14. A Fin-tastic Idea

    Credit: larrybrownsports.com
    Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Alex Cobb hit this proposal out of the park by incorporating a flippered friend.

  15. The Most Pinteresting Proposal Yet

    Credit: How He Asked
    Already engaged? Tell us your proposal story!