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2014 Halloween Costume Ideas

Chelsea Pellegrino


Last year we saw an abundance of Mileys, some Breaking Bad scientists and a few minions thrown into the mix. No, we aren't rrecapping an awards show- we're talking Halloween! So, what do we expect to see this year on Hallow's Eve, and how can you turn it into a DIY outfit of your own? Whether your style is spooky, sexy or star-studded, look no further for the best Halloween costume ideas of 2014.

1. Beyonce (with or without Jay-Z)

halloween costumes 2014 beyonce

Why We're Predicting: It's no secret that the pop superstar has taken over this year, from unannounced album drops to a full on concert at the MTV VMAs. We're certain that her dazzling outfits and constant media coverage will make a favorite for this year's Halloween scene.

How to Make it Yours: Rather than pick a modern look, choosing a throwback style will make your version of Queen B stand out from the crowd. The Single Ladies leotard outfit is an easy and recognizable get-up. If you're traveling as a family, don't forget to add Jay Z and Blue Ivy!

2. Any Role Held by Robin Williams

Why We're Predicting: Sadly, we lost the beloved comedian and actor this summer. As a sign of tribute, we expect to see an endless amount of costumes based on any and all of Willams' brilliant movie roles.

How to Make it Yours: Choose your favorite character, whether it be Genie from Aladdin or the famous Mrs. Doubtfire.

3. Biker Gang

halloween costume 2014 sons of anarchy biker

Why We're Predicting: The ever popular Sons of Anarchy makes it's return on September 9th, when the SAMCRO boys take one last ride into the series' final season.

How to Make it Yours: Leather, and lots of it. If you're having a Halloween party, this would be the perfect opportunity to hire a face painter for some costume embellishments (specifically Jax's tattoos).

4. Elsa & Anna

halloween costumer 2014 frozen characters

Why We're Predicting: Is that even a question? People just can't seem to Let It Go, so these two Frozen characters will undoubtedly be spotted everywhere on Halloween

How to Make it Yours: Skip the store-bought costumes (so unoriginal, so expensive!) and opt for a homemade version. If your hair is long enough, skip the wig and try a DIY braid with this tutorial.

5. Hunger Games Characters

halloween costume 2014 hunger games characters

Why We're Predicting: The third installment in the megahit series will be released in November, so it's the perfect time to channel your inner tribute.

How to Make it Yours: We're all about Katniss, but if you really want to stand out from the crowd, opt for a character like Effie or Caesar. Besides, how many other opportunities do you have to rock pink or blue hair?


There you have it! Hopefully planning your costume will be less scary now. Be sure to share photos of your Halloween attire  in the comments below!