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3 Cost Cutting Tips for Your Event

Marta Block


Your normal party budget probably isn't as big as the budget for a wedding reception. But just the same, you'd probably still like to make it a little smaller. Many of the money saving tips given to brides and grooms can also be used for birthday and holiday parties.

1. Timing We often tell brides and grooms that they may be able to get better deals on venues and vendors by choosing a time other than Saturday night. But, not having a party on a  have it on a Friday or Saturday night is the easiest way to save money on any party. Simply put, people eat and drink more at those times than at others. Consider having a lunch or brunch, or even a Sunday night party. If you're planning a party around the holidays your guests will thank you for not making them choose between events.

2. Have a Theme A strong theme can help you save costs without appearing cheap. By giving your summer party a "baseball" theme you can serve beer, hot dogs, peanuts, and popcorn without people feeling deprived. You can do the same thing in winter with a "Missing the Beach Party" where you encourage people to wear beachwear and serve summery snacks.Make your holiday party a cookie decorating event and people will not expect too much in the way of other food.

party buffet with baseball theme
Photo courtesy of My Friend Betty Says.

3. The Signature Drink In the wedding world signature drinks have gotten a little out of hand with the cutesy names, but they still remain a great way to cut down alcohol costs. For a regular, non-wedding, party you don't have to go overboard and create something new but simply declare that one drink is the "house drink" for the night, make sure it's something that makes ample use of mixers, which are less expensive than alcohol. Provide wine, beer, and attractive non alcoholic drinks and you've saved on having a full bar.

summery pink cocktailchocolate milk shakes with pink straws