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4 Ideas for a Kid-Friendly New Year's Eve Party

Nicole Steeger

Nicole Steeger


It can be a little tricky planning a New Year’s Eve Party that includes fun for the whole family. But, with the right activities and entertainment, you can plan a great, kid friendly party to keep everyone involved in the celebration. Take a look at our party ideas for keeping your New Year’s Eve event family focused and family friendly:

Decorate With The Kids: Let the kids to help decorate for your New Year’s Eve party. Streamers, confetti, noisemakers and fun hats are must haves and certainly kid friendly. Once the party has started, let the kids make a little mess with the confetti and streamers during the party (hey –it’s just once a year right)? They’ll love having the opportunity to get a little silly.

Bring In Balloons: Setting up your own balloon drop is a great way to add extra real-time excitement when the clock strikes midnight. Balloons raining down from the sky (well, technically ceiling) will be a fun treat for guests of all ages. You may also want to consider hiring a balloon twister to entertain the kids by creating crazy party hats and props for the kids to play with during the party.

Plan Activities and Entertainment: Have all of the guests (adults and kids) make their New Year’s resolutions and share them out loud. Then asks guests to keep their resolutions so you can look back at them next year! Another fun activity for the youngsters would be putting together a time capsule of the past year, a great idea from Celebrations.com.  When you are ready for the party to rock, bring in a karaoke DJ and let guests sing their favorite tunes from 2011.

Menu:  If you are hosting a mixture of adults and kids, make sure you have something that appeals to appetites of all ages. You can always provide food items that are specific to the kids, but in the interest of saving time and money – why not come up with some menu ideas that are suitable for everyone to enjoy?  Cocktail franks, sliders and mini pizzas are great mouth-watering snacks for guests both young and old. Sparkling cider makes a great beverage choice to toast at midnight (or earlier if that’s what bedtimes dictates).  Kids will feel grown up and special with this special beverage treat. Most importantly, enjoy the last night of the year with the ones you love and look forward to an exciting new year!

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What suggestions do you have for a family friendly New Year’s Eve party? Share your ideas in the comments below.