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5 Things Your Wedding Can Do Without

Marta Block


Last week we talked about 5 things your wedding really shouldn't lack. This week let's look at the five things your wedding really can do without. I'm not saying that having these things is bad (except for the last one), but if you're trying to streamline the wedding process take a look at these areas.

1. A Theme

Themes can be great for a wedding. They can help give you a unified feel and help you make decisions about everything from what kind of entertainment to hire to to what kind of food to serve. But, the idea of a "wedding theme" is actually pretty new. If trying to find, or stick to, a "theme" is stressing you out, let it go. Choose things you like and trust that theme of "we're in love" will carry the day.

Not only do you not need a theme, you don't even really need colors. I know,  it's heresy to suggest that you don't need "wedding colors," but you don't. Your wedding is not a photo opp so everything does not need to match. Having lots of jarring, not coordinating colors in one space is not going to make you or your guests happy, but that doesn't mean that the groom has to wear a tie that matches the napkins. If you can't settle on a color scheme, go all white with your tables and napkins. If you don't have specific colors in mind, your florist can choose a variety of seasonal flowers, saving you money.

2. Favors

Speaking of saving money, you don't need favors. Wedding favors can be fun but the idea of a wedding favor is to help your guests feel taken care of and appreciated. There are a lot of different ways to achieve that goal.

3. Debt

Also speaking of saving money, you don't have to go into debt. Having said that, let me backtrack and say that you may make a decision that like a fantastic vacation or a great house, your dream wedding is worth a little debt to you. That's ok. A wedding is an experience and if you and your fiance(e) agree that this once in a lifetime experience is worth a little debt, go for it. But, if you're stressing out over how you'll pay for everything without a lifetime of debt, step back. There are lots of great money saving ideas out there for your wedding, check them out and make some decisions before signing those loan papers.

4. Social Media

I know this may sound old-fashioned, but you do not have to post anything about your wedding on Facebook. You do not need to provide your guests with a hashtag to tweet about your wedding. In fact, it may make your wedding planning easier if you stop talking about it online. Tweeting, posting and complaining about your wedding online leaves you open to the opinions of others, and may mean you're hurting the feelings of those who aren't invited or included in the plans. Try something truly new and put a note in your program requesting that people attend the wedding "IRL" only!

5. Stress

If planning your wedding is stressing you out, stop, just stop. Stop arguing over the invitation list, the colors, the theme, the date. Sit back, decide not to make decisions for a while, have a margarita, do something to change the mood of the planning. Figure out what's causing the stress and find a way to just stop.