A Blue and White Bar Mitzvah Celebration

Nicole SteegerContributor

A Bar Mitzvah is a very important rite of passage for young Jewish boys turning the age of 13. This event includes a religious ceremony that traditionally marks the entrance of the child into the Jewish community. This wonderful time in the child's life is often celebrated with a party of family and friends. Over the years, Bar Mitzvah parties have become bigger and bigger events, some as elaborate as weddings! One of our 5-Star members, Birgit of A-Plus Photos shared an elaborate Bar Mitzvah event that she photographed at the magnificent waterfront VIP Country Club in New Rochelle, NY.

 This Bar Mitzvah had 150 guests as well as 3 photographers, a soloist, a band and a caricaturist that entertained at the event. A keyboard player provided background music during the cocktail hour (that's right, cocktail hour). A caricaturist also worked during the cocktail hour to create memorable keepsakes for the guests. The caricaturist area included a mini photo studio setup in the dining room, complete with a gorgeous backdrop and a printer to create framed portraits of the guests. A band and singer entertained in the dining room for the rest of the event. A-Plus Photos was kind enough to share their beautiful pictures from the evening. The party details and gorgeous pictures show that this family really went all out for their son's special day and fabulous Bar Mitzvah! 


Have you ever been to a Bar or Bat Mitzvah that seemed like a wedding? We'd love to hear about any elaborate events you have attended. Share your experience in the comments below.