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A Cars Birthday Party



Have your children seen the new Disney’s Cars 2 movie this summer? The road crew is back in an all-new adventure that takes them abroad for a car race of their lives. If your child is looking to win his own World Grand Prix with a little help from his favorite Disney Cars characters – Lightning McQueen and Tow Truck Mater – find inspiration with these Cars 2 party ideas. 

For your Cars invitation, make black and white checkered flags using black and white construction paper. Write the invitation details on one side of the flag and attach it to a small wooden stick. This is a great theme for an outdoor party where you can create your own World Grand Prix racetrack outdoors:

  • Create a start and finish line. When kids enter the party, have them cross a red start line using red crepe paper.
  • Use sidewalk chalk to draw a Grand Prix track on the driveway or set up orange cones around a grassy area for the kids to race around.

As your guests arrive, let the kids make drivers licenses for themselves. Have card stock available for the kids to draw pictures of themselves, write their contact details, and draw a racing border around it. Place the license into a plastic sleeve and have them wear their licenses during the party. There are a variety of entertainment options that will keep the kids racing through the party and having fun the entire time. Consider hiring a bounce house where the kids can pull their own Lightning McQueen car moves as they bounce away. Alternatively, hire a costumed character - either a character from the movie or a race car driver who can give the kids tips for racing cars, these pointers will come in handy as they gear up for relay races. The main action of the party will take place on the racetrack. Host a series of races, including:

  • Divide the party guests into two teams.
  • Create a series of easy relay races: running forward and backward, hopping on one foot, and running around the cones. Each team member completes the relay, returns to the line, and tags the next person until the entire team has taken a turn. First team done wins.

For your Cars 2 party menu:

Serve Axle Dogs, a batch of Pigs in a Blanket with the two ends of the dog sticking out.

Make Stop Lights using a round object (like a cookie cutter or the top of a glass) to cut out circles of green, yellow and red Jell-O.

Offer a Crank Oil Sundae Bar where the kids create their own sundaes with ice cream, chocolate syrup (oil), nuts, cherries, sprinkles, and whatever else sounds good.

For your party favor, send the kids home with a License Plate Craft Kit, including:

  • Foam sheet cut into a license plate shape with two hole punches at top of sheet
  • A combination of 6 assorted letters and numbers
  • Glue Stick
  • Colorful yarn - to bundle the craft and to be placed through the hole punches for the kids to hang up or wear around their necks.

Have a racing good time!