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A Gathering of Gypsies Halloween Party

Nicole Steeger

Nicole Steeger


We love it when GigMasters' clients want to share their unique events with us. And as you can imagine, we get to hear about some really fun and creative parties that get planned each year for Halloween. So today, since it is officially Halloween, I thought I would share a particularly interesting Halloween event from one of our clients, Kari Skousen, who told us all about a unique Halloween party she planned this year. Take a look at what Kari had to say about this elaborate gathering:

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. There is no end to what you can do!  I am a writer and director of stage musicals and every year I hold an annual adult Halloween party for my actor/singer/creative-type friends. I have been hosting these parties for several years, and each time I select a different theme. All of my guests look forward to the invitations every year. I start contacting guests well in advance with emails about the theme to give them plenty of time to plan their costumes and prepare their portion of the entertainment. This year's theme is a "Gathering of Gypsies." I usually have about 40-50 guests. Everyone is instructed to dress up (and my guests always dress to the max!) and each person or couple is supposed to participate in the entertainment by preparing a creative assignment to share with everyone. Assignments vary according to the theme. With the gypsy theme this year I have given my guests the choice of the following three categories:

  • Perform any sort of gypsy music - song and/or dance. This could be a song about gypsies, or gypsy-type music and/or dance. Live musical instruments are encouraged.
  • Come up with an imaginary potion, elixir, concoction, salve, tonic, ointment, or device, etc. that will cure your choice of ailments or enhance one's life in some way. Then they will have to advertise it in vintage "Traveling Medicine Show" style.
  • Write a gypsy legend or story (2000 words or less) and share it out loud. This may be a gypsy-themed scary campfire story or an intriguing tale of gypsy lore.

My party will be held outdoors around a campfire and in a velvet-curtain-enclosed pavilion decorated in gypsy style. I have obtained an old gypsy caravan wagon (vardo) that I am restoring. It will be on display by the campfire complete with a gypsy Fortune Teller ensconced inside to give private readings to my guests. I have hired a reptile company to bring a giant snake and tarantula so my guests can take pictures with them. After pictures and fortunes are told, we will eat an authentic gypsy feast around the campfire which will include Hungarian Goulash, Ukrainian Borscht, turkey legs, soda bread and homemade root beer (my parties are always non-alcoholic). After dinner we will open up one end of the pavilion to create a stage and Shaunti Fera (Pasadena, California) will perform her belly dancing for the guests. When the belly dance performance is over, guests will get up and share their songs, stories, and hawk their magic potions. We will end the party enjoying delicious desserts consisting of gypsy cakes and puddings. After that, guests will just have to wait to see what I come up with for next year! Happy Halloween!

So, what do you think about this creative Halloween celebration? What kind of Halloween party did you plan? Let us know in the comments below.