A Rock Star Birthday with Guest, Heather from Chickabug

Nicole SteegerContributor

Today’s guest is Heather Dalton from Chickabug, a creative and adorable shop that helps make party planning easier with fabulous ideas, custom invitations and printables. She dropped by to give us a little party inspiration from an event that was themed using her rock star custom party printables. Here's Heather's recap of this rockin' party:

When planning a little one's birthday party, it's on everybody's list to find the perfect invitations, special decorations, and tastiest food. All of those little details are so important that it's very easy to overlook one BIG detail - how will you entertain your party guests on the big day? For a rock star theme party, the answer is simple: book an acoustic guitarist to keep guests of all ages singing, dancing, and having a blast! That's what one of my customers, Amy, recently did for her son Eli's second birthday party. Everyone gathered under a tent in the back yard while the guitarist performed, and Eli and his little friends happily accompanied her on a drum. They even wore "backstage passes" around their necks to designate their VIP status (which made for a really sweet photo opportunity, too). 

Photo Credit: Chickabug

Photo Credit: Chickabug

Inside, the party was music-themed from top to bottom, with rock star cupcakes, personalized water labels, and a homemade cake in the shape of a guitar. Large music notes and symbols were the perfect decor - very little fuss, but big impact! For favors, each child received rock star sunglasses, stickers, a kazoo, and other music-themed goodies. Amy said the whole party was a huge hit!

Photo Credit: Chickabug

Photo Credit: Chickabug Photo Credit: Chickabug Photo Credit: Chickabug

 Bonus tip: If you hire a musician for your party, consider giving him or her a request list of your child's favorite songs to see if they can work with you to create a personalized playlist. You could even make CDs of those same songs to give as a party favor and keep the music going long after the party's over! Remember, if you are interested in hosting a Rock Star themed party you can also choose other entertainment options like a karaoke DJ or rock band.

For more amazing party ideas and themed printables visit Chickabug.com. If you have other ideas for a rock star party, let us know in the comments below.