Finding a good Father’s Day gift can be tricky. I remember one year when I was really under the gun and out of ideas. My goal, as always, was to get Dad a truly unique Father’s Day gift, but it just wasn’t happening. I gave up and went with the classic cliché: a necktie. Sure he smiled and thanked me profusely but I later overheard him joking about it with my mother. I vowed never again to get him something so boring for Father’s Day. OK so I just made that up. Nevertheless I stick by the moral of the story. Father’s Day is about showing your old man that you appreciate him.

Every dad is unique so you want to get yours an equally unique Father’s Day present that he will remember for years to come. It just so happens that we have come across what might just be the most unique Father’s Day gift idea of all time: Singing Telegrams. We know what you are thinking: “really, a singing telegram?” But singing telegrams have come a long way (fact of the day: singing telegrams were invented by Western Union in the 1930s. At least according to Wikipedia they were). Singing telegrams can be hilarious, goofy, sweet or even down right ridiculous. Case in point - this guy. Where else can you get a fairy, giant chicken, or a gorilla to sing to your dad? GigMasters has dozens of singing telegram companies located across the U.S. One of our best and certainly most unique singing telegram companies is the Sugarplum Elves of San Francisco and Seattle (and coming soon - Portland, OR).

The Sugarplum Elves are a wacky troupe of adorably outfitted, cheerfully tempered ladies who sing, dance and make merry. Each has their own elf personality. Sprinkles Elf, currently of the Seattle Sugarplum Elves and a founding member of the original San Francisco chapter, told us about an especially memorable singing telegram the girls delivered last Father’s Day: “Our usual telegram is a three-song medley that is extremely cute and would have been fine for the occasion. But when I sent out an availability inquiry to the rest of the troupe, one Elf wanted to know if she could try out her version of "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" that she'd been practicing. I offered it to the client cautiously, not quite knowing what her tastes were. She was very excited! She and her husband were rather new parents and she was looking for a gift for him that communicated the idea that the frisky, romantic side of their relationship was still alive and well. Elves to the rescue! We showed up at their house just after a special Father's Day dinner she had cooked. We gave Dad a bunch of hugs and compliments, then sang him our medley and "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" as Mom and the baby laughed and danced along. It was very sweet.” That’s one dad that won’t be forgetting his Father’s Day gift anytime soon. Don’t make the mistake that I pretended to make.

Your dad or husband doesn’t need another tie. He needs a singing telegram from a guy in a gorilla suit. Or maybe twelve scantily clad Sugarplum Elves.