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April Fool's Day Wedding Pranks

Roni Shapira Ben-Yoseph


With April Fool's Day around the corner, and on a weekend,  there are certainly a few brides and grooms wondering if they should try and pull off a little bridal prank during their wedding.

Weddings are supposed to be fun, so why not bring some humor to the celebration?  Get creative, but make sure to avoid anything potentially mean-spirited, upsetting or embarrassing for friends and family.  Trust us, mocking your newly expanded family, divorce or infidelity humor and feigning a physical injury will never be funny. Emotions are high at a wedding and you want to avoid anything that might set a stressed-out best man or mother-of-the-bride into a panic attack or angry fit.

If you want a solemn ceremony then hold off on pranks until reception time, but if you are trying to establish a lighthearted tone then you can always have some fun at the altar.  Have the ring bearer carry a pillow with two ring pops tied on with ribbon.  Encourage your officiant to punctuate the ceremony with lines from your favorite comedy or lyrics from a song.  Have an organist play what sounds like a piece of classical music, but is actually the orchestral version of a hard rock or punk song. Or, hire an opera singer to sing a similar song (don't waste their talents just on the joke though, make sure to have them play or sing real music for the ceremony as well). The bride and groom can join in on the fun; when it's time to recite your vows, try starting off with lines from your favorite movie and see if anyone catches on.

For the reception, get your entertainment in on the action. Hire a celebrity impersonator to “crash” the wedding with a spectacular entrance.  Ask your wedding band to pretend they can't play, or show up with 80s style metal hair (wigs, of course). If you’re the last couple on earth that would ever do a group dance you can buck expectations in consultation with your DJ. Who cares if it’s ludicrous?  Everyone truly does love to dance the Hokey Pokey!  Throw guests off with a false first dance, something that’s completely out of character for you or just plain ridiculous.

Three final words to the wise: 1. If you are not the bride or groom, do NOT plan any sort of prank, no matter how well intentioned, this is a sure way to lose a friend. 2. This should go without saying, but make sure you run your idea past your fiancée, don't try to surprise your bride with a joke on your wedding day, it's hard to imagine that going well. 3. If you, as the bride AND groom intend on any pranksor practical jokes, be sure to give a heads up to parents and wedding coordinators,or anyone else who may be stunned by your joke and try and intervene to save the day.

Whatever you do, have fun!