Destination Wedding Planning

Drew Stoga


Planning a destination wedding can be intimidating. We have heard from dozens of couples who tell us they love the idea but have no idea how to even begin destination wedding planning. Naturally, most destination weddings take place thousands of miles away from home. So how on Earth do you find the right location, not to mention the right florist, caterer or band? The idea of planning a destination wedding may send shivers down the spines of many couples, but planning your nuptials from afar really does not have to be as hard as it may seem.

You see, there is this thing called the internet. It lets you gather information and contact people from afar. Websites like GigMasters and OneWed let you find and hire wedding entertainers, photographers, florists, etc. from the comfort of your home. Of course before you start booking your wedding vendors, you first need to find the right destination wedding location.


Don't just throw a dart at a map - do your research. Wedding and travel message boards are a great place to start. We recommend the boards on wedding sites like The Knot and Wedding Wire, and for those looking to travel off the beaten path, check out The Lonely Planet. One word of caution about message boards: keep in mind that not everyone with an opinion knows what they are talking about and not everyone on message boards play nice. Don't panic if FoxyBride124 doesn't like your destination wedding location. What does she know anyway?


To a certain degree, destination wedding planning is a leap of faith. While the internet can help you find a great destination wedding location, viewing pictures of the beach from your laptop is not the same as feeling the sand beneath your feet. If possible, it is a great idea to visit your destination before you book. Think of it as a working vacation.


Whether your dream wedding takes place on a beach, a mountain or a far-away city, remember that there are no rules to planning a wedding and that you alone are the boss. Well, you and your soon to be spouse -don't forget about them!


Main Image: Bartlett Pair Photography