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Ask the Experts: Wedding Speeches

Marta Block


Question: I was wondering, is it okay to give a speech at a wedding if you're the bride? 

A: Absolutely! Giving a speech at your wedding is a great way to express your joy and your gratitude for everyone who has helped you with your wedding day. One thing to remember, there will already be a lot of focus on you on your wedding day, so you want to use this time to bring attention to others. Make sure you talk to your DJ or band leader and let him know of your plans, when you'd like to talk, and if you plan on letting others give toasts or speeches. He or she may have some ideas for timing depending on your plans. In terms of the speech itself, go with your strengths. If you're naturally funny, inject a little humor in the speech.

If you aren't, don't try to force a joke, just speak from the heart. Make sure to keep the speech short and sweet. Finally, write your speech, or good notes down and bring them with you! You want to practice your speech enough so that you're not reading it. But, in the emotions of the wedding day, don't count on remembering any of it, so bring notes along! Remember, while this is a great idea, it's not for everyone. If you don't want to give a speech, there's no reason you have to do so.