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The Best Apps for Party Planning (for iPhone and Android)

Hey Siri, plan my party.

Grace Peisker


Even the most experienced party planners can agree that organizing an event can get... stressful, to say the least. Playing phone tag with different vendors, fielding questions from guests, coordinating catering orders and selecting the perfect signature cocktail; there are a lot of moving parts. The good news is, there are so many ways to stay organized.

These apps, all available for Apple and Android users, can arrange all of your party-planning problems into one folder on your phone. Technology won’t play phone-tag with you, invite a plus one without asking or give a cheeseburger to your vegetarian friend. These apps are specifically made so that even your smallest worries are accounted for. Download these before you start taping Pinterest pictures on a wall and connecting them with thumb tacks and red yarn, going a little insane from lack of sleep and your last conversation with the caterer. Listed from the beginning of planning to the very end, scroll through to make your life easier.


Getting everyone under the same roof can be a struggle, especially if you’re planning for a small crowd and there seems to be endless scheduling conflicts. Doodle is the app that will figure out the best time for your get-together, with a little help from your guests. Here’s how it works: Pick a handful of dates in Doodle, then invite your friends (via a shared link) to check off which days they can attend.  The date with the most checks is the obvious winner. Time for invitations!

Check out the Doodle app here 

Price: Free; paid plans available 

Paperless Post

Once a date and time has been decided, design a personalized invite by event and theme. Use Paperless Post to create your invite and post it online. It also offers the option to mail invitations—while your BFF is checking her inbox, grandparents can check their mailbox. Organize and manage your guest list, track RSVPs and send messages all in the app while you wait for friends to confirm. 

Price: Free; in-app purchases available 

Check out the Paperless Post app here


For the more casual get-together, use Hobnob to create fun invites with gifs and graphics, then send them out via text message. Guests can respond without having to download the app, but if they do, Hobnob offers in-app group chats and a photo sharing service. 

Price: Free; subscription packages available for bigger guest lists 

Check out the Hobnob app here


Now you’re in the thick of planning—your party has an outline and a list of to-dos. If you’re hosting solo, organize all the details with Wunderlist. You can set reminders and due dates, even group tasks into folders. Yes, that’s right, it’s the Type A planner’s dream. Co-hosting with friends or family? Assign to-do’s to specific people,and collaborate with in-app messaging. Never forget a task again.

Price: Free; in-app purchases available for additional collaboration tools.

Check out the Wunderlist app here


If you’re not going the catering route, food prep can feel like a rabbit hole of options.Use Yummly to find food inspiration--it has more than 2 million recipes, so there’s bound to be some good stuff in there. Sort and filter recipes by cook time, course, occasions and more, plugging in diets and allergies, even organizing favorite recipes.

Price: Free

Check out the Yummly app here

Pro Party Planner 

Time to bring out the big guns. Pro Party Planner is exactly what is sounds like: Create a seating chart in minutes, manage guests, track your progress and budget easily, invite other teammates to help plan, build shopping lists and set reminders for tasks. Whew. That’s a lot. Oh wait, there’s more, it also uses augmented reality to help you visualize how your space will look, without actually moving anything. 

Price: $4.99

Check out the Pro Party Planner app here

Super Planner

Super planner has got you covered if you’re not the most math inclined. Even if you are, budgeting your event can turn into a numbers game fast. Plug in your numbers to Super Planner, the ultimate event calculator. It will not only total all of your costs, but determine exactly how much of everything you’ll need, from hiring staff to hors d’oeuvres to the size of your dance floor. Most impressive is its venue capacity calculator, which measures the room to optimize your venue for up to 16 different seating configurations. 

Price: $9.99

Check out the Super Planner app here


When you have the vision for a perfect venue in your head, but aren’t sure how to execute it, Magicplan can help. While it can’t scan your brain, it will scan the room to create a 3D model of the floorplan. Then, furnish your room with up to 1,000 different items. With precise measurements, 360 degree panoramas and walk-through simulations. Edit your room to perfection. 

Price: Free; in-app purchases available for additional collaboration tools.

Check out the Magicplan app here 


Organize the best party playlist with Spotify. Even if you have a band or DJ, browsing different genres and pre-made playlists can inspire your own curated party set list.

Price: Free; paid subscription available.

Check out the Spotify app here 

Decibel Ultra 

If your crowd is bumping, keep the noise in check with Decibel Ultra, which will measure your event’s volume and compare it to a benchmark. This is especially helpful if your party is in an area that has local noise codes--nothing is a faster buzzkill than a noise complaint.

Price: Free 

Check out the Decibel Ultra app here


For people co-planning a party together, Splitwise is the finance app that will make paying others back easier than ever. Create groups, then share bills and IOUs while the app calculates the total amount you owe, and what others owe you. Rather than making small payments constantly, wait until after clean-up, so no cost goes unpaid. 

Price: Free 

Check out the Splitwise app here

The Guest

Instantly get pictures and videos from guests at your party with The Guest, a photo sharing app that works better than any hashtag or photo drive. Invitees can take photos with their camera app and photos will instantly upload to The Guest, sharing images in a real-time feed that anyone can enjoy. If you’re the host, no more waiting around for friends to send you their pics; you’ll be able to look at them right away. 

Price: Free 

Check out The Guest app here

Published on 8/30/2019