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Best April Fool's Day Pranks for the Engaged

Marta Block


If you're not getting married this Sunday (April 1st) you may feel you've missed the boat on including April Fool's Day in your wedding. Never fear, there are plenty of ways to involve the fun day in your wedding.  First though, a warning - under no circumstances should you joke to your fiancée or anyone else that the wedding is off. Tensions run high when you're planning a wedding and you do not want to risk what might happen if you pretend to call it off (do you really want to hear the sigh of relief your mom gives when she thinks the wedding is off?) Instead, consider one of these risk free ideas.

Do you have parents or a fiancé with very traditional tastes? Send them links to some of our Tribute Bands and ask wether they prefer an AC/DC tribute band or a Bon Jovi band for the reception. Pretend not to notice that you've chosen tribute bands.

Still looking for an officiant? Hire a comedian with improv skills and ask him or her to pretend to be the world's worst officiant. Then set up a meeting for you, your fiancée and the officiant.

Call your bridesmaids or groomsmen and tell them you have a contract for them to sign. The contract stipulates that they not change their hair or gain weight before the wedding (be careful with this one if your bridesmaids or groomsmen is sensitive).

Don't have a dress yet? Buy an ugly one at a second hand store and present it to your Maid of Honor or mother as though it were the most amazing dress in the world and you've already bought it. If you already have a dress you can still pull this off by presenting the ugly one as "fresh from being altered."

Don't have a tux? Look for a powder blue one and tell your fiancée you got a great deal on it!

If you don't want to spend the money actually buying clothes you won't wear, print the photos off of Ebay and announce that you won the auction!

Call your Best Man and tell him you have the perfect idea for your bachelor party - Spa Day, followed by a Yoga retreat!

What other great April Fool's Day prank ideas do you have?

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