Birthday in Wonderland

Chelsea PellegrinoContributor

Most of us are familiar with the childhood tale of curious Alice, who fell down a rabbit hole and attended a ridiculously fun birthday party. Well, this 4th birthday party may not have had mad hatters or lifesize caterpillars, but it certainly had all the amazement and beauty of Alice in Wonderland!

This theme is perfect for a little girl's birthday. With all the whimsical details of Alice's adventures, there are endless opportunities to incorporate fun decor. We especially love the teapot centerpieces and chocolate rabbits! The hostess even represented some of the story's key elements by serving frosted key and clock cookies. Take a look at all of the other amazing decorations and treats! Thanks to Jenna Norman Photography for sharing these photos.






This theme is sure to bring a Cheshire cat grin to guests and guest-of-honor alike. If you're planning on hosting an Alice in Wonderland party, don't forget to add a costumed character, magician or face painter!  

Photographer:  Jenna Norman Photography//Caterer:Baked Perfection Cookies //Event Venue:Old Ranch Country Club // Submitted via Two Bright Lights