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Bridal Shower Trends

Marta Block


You know the saying, April showers bring May Bridal Showers. What? Is it just me that says that? If June is the beginning of wedding season than April and May are definitely the start of bridal shower season. Just like weddings, bridal showers have been evolving and changing over the years.

Just like bachelor parties, bridal showers are becoming more active. We're not talking strippers and shots (that's a bachelorette party), but activities ranging from camping to paintball or art classes are being used as part of bridal showers. The idea is no longer to just "shower" the bride with gifts, but to shower her with time and attention from her besties.

Speaking of besties, just like more bridal parties are becoming co-ed, so are bridal showers. Most brides and grooms today have close friends of both genders and it seems silly to make something "girls only." It's fine to have a bridal shower where you invite your close male friends but not your fiance and his friends. Or, if you want to make it all inclusive, call it an engagement party instead.

Theme parties are still big whether the theme is about the house (kitchen shower, bath shower, etc) or about something the bride loves (Twilight party anyone?).

One unfortunate trend in bridal showers is that brides are becoming more and more involved in the planning. This used to be the job of the Maid of Honor and bridesmaids and the bride was supposed to be happy with whatever others planned. Today, more brides see the bridal shower as part of their overall wedding experience and they want to be in control of how it goes. This can obviously lead to problems when the people actually paying for and planning the party have a different idea of budget and time. It's an area where brides and bridesmaids need to tread cautiously.

Photo courtesy of Hostess with the Mostess.