Can You Use Coupons to Pay for a Wedding?

Marta Block


A recent Huffington Post Weddings article told the story of a motivated mother of the groom who used a variety of coupons, Groupons and other discounts to pay for a large part of her son's rehearsal dinner. It got me thinking about whether or not such a strategy would be feasible for a wedding.

The idea of using coupons and Groupon like deals for a wedding has been flying around the Internet for the past year or so, since The Knot launched Wedding Channel Deals. Unlike Groupons, these deals are specifically aimed at wedding planning couples and include things like local florists and hair salons. OneWed has also experimented with similar ideas, offering a national photography package.

The obvious problem with relying on these deals is that the photographer offering the deal might not be the right photographer for you. While using a Groupon for an unplanned bouquet of flowers on a weekday is a great idea, you don't want to chance your wedding day flowers just because it's a good deal.

On the other hand, if you're having a primarily DIY wedding and need to buy things like plates or materials for decorations and favors, coupons and Groupons could be truly budget saving.

Carrie Kirby, author of the popular money-saving blog, Frugalistic Mom says,"I would consider using a daily deal offer for a wedding-related service, but I would do double diligence on the company before buying. While there are plenty of great companies that make a daily deal offer to build on an already successful business, there are also companies out there who are offering the deal because they are just getting started or they are desperately trying to salvage a dying business. Only do it if you have enough time to thoroughly research the company. Also watch out for daily deals that turn out to be a small discount on an expensive service. For example, a deal might say it's 50 percent off, but if it's really offering $50 off $100 towards a hall rental that costs $5,000, in reality that's a tiny discount and in my opinion not worth buying."

One final thing to keep in mind, the article says that the mother "spent $1,761 on products and services that would have cost $5,195." No where in the article does it say that any of those products and services (including a new purse for the mom, spray tans, cupcake toppers and favors) were needed in the first place. Just think how much money she could have saved if she'd only bought essentials!

What do you think? Are you using coupons or discounts to pay for your wedding? Tell us in the comments.