Capturing Wedding Memories on

Drew Stoga


There are literally thousands of great websites out there but every once in a while we come across one that really gets us excited. is the kind of site that we just can't keep to ourselves. It’s an innovative service for collecting and sharing your wedding memories. Kaptur navigates sites like Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and more to collect all of your weddings guests’ digital memories – all the photos, videos and even status updates from your wedding.

It's the kind of service many of us have wished for - myself included. I remember after my wedding that photos and videos were popping up all over the place and we could barely keep up with them all. We spent way too much time surfing our friends' various accounts looking for the best photos. We really could have used

We wanted to learn more so we spoke with Tejpaul Bhatia, Kaptur’s President and Founder. We found the conversation and the service so interesting that we thought we would share the interview with you in full:

If you don’t mind, can you please give us a quick overview of what Kaptur offers?

Kaptur lets you easily organize all media from an event so you can see everyone's photos, videos, and status updates in one place. It doesn't require any special registration or app installs or additional uploads from anyone. Once you have captured a memory on Kaptur, you can then treat all the photos from your guests as if they were in one album: you can download all the photos from all the guests with one click, you can import all the photos to iPhoto, you can create a beautiful slideshow with music, you can post it to Facebook and Twitter, you can share the link with all your friends, and you can always return to Kaptur to see all the media in one place.

I recently got married (well, six months ago) and at least a dozen of my friends posted their photographs of the wedding weekend to Facebook. If I had known about Kaptur, how could you have helped me collect all of these photos (or at least the good ones)?

You can and absolutely should use Kaptur right now for your wedding six months ago. It will work. Check out and try it. Kaptur works for any wedding at any time. My wedding was 18 months ago and I still find new stuff on Facebook from then. For people getting married in the future, Kaptur is a great way to create a giant "bookmark" for all photos, videos, status updates to come from your guests during and after your wedding.

People can be very sensitive about their photos and videos, how do you handle privacy concerns?

Kaptur respects the privacy settings of the photo and video on Facebook. Kaptur doesn't actually store any files, so you don't have to worry about us using or losing them.

What has the reaction to Kaptur been so far?

It has been very positive. In general it is a cool idea and the press has taken note of it. Our users give us great feedback. We have a lot of things we want to improve and are working with our users to provide a meaningful way to capture, organize, and share memories.

How was Kaptur started?

The idea came to us after my wedding. I wanted to be able to see, organize and save all my guests photos simply. I hated that I had to look for photos across 200 profiles and 200 albums on multiple sites and even then I couldn't see two pictures of the cake cutting next to each other. What our team built was a way for me to have access to everything immediately.

What are your plans for Kaptur’s future?

Our vision is to capture every memory. We believe that people deserve an easy, useful, and awesome way to relive the most important moments in their lives. The world is social, but the social web still has many individual components to it. We are reconciling that.

Check out today and let us know what you think!