Celebrity Summer Wedding Season: Still!



Just when you thought it couldn't get any hotter (in theory it should actually BE hotter in mid-August but I'm talking pop culturally/wedding wise...) this weekend set off some serious wedding bells. The View co-hosts Sherri Shephard and Joy Behar both took trips down the aisle, as did life-of-the-1999-party Tara Reid...hours after her engagement!

Joy and Sherri took advantage of the August daytime TV hiatus to each enjoy weddings to longtime companions: Joy has only put off taking the plunge to her companion for oh, 29 years! Tara took to Twitter to announce her engagement in Greece, and a few hours later, announced her marriage. I guess what happens in Greece, stays in Greece!

In other celebrity wedding news, even if it's not 'real,' the internet is ablaze with predictions about the Twilight wedding, which will occur in the next big screen installment. Fans of the series are taking guesses at what Bella and Edward's first song will be (am I the only one who thinks The Toadies 'Possum Kingdom' would work well here?). Smartly, the record company is keeping mum for now BUT planning to announce it before the soundtrack hits Nov. 8th. Can you say 'iTunes single download record' three times fast?

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