Christening Celebrations For Every Budget

Nicole Steeger

Nicole Steeger


Most christening parties involve a get together of those nearest and dearest to celebrate this important moment for baby. Sharing this momentous occasion with friends and family allows time for people to socialize and spend time with your little one as well as offer gifts that will help your child on their new spiritual path. 

As with any party, this event can be as simple or elaborate as you and your budget would like it to be, it just depends on your tastes. If budget is a concern, the most affordable venue option would obviously be your home. If you do not want to host the party inside your home, and it is a suitable time of year for on outdoor function, you could celebrate with a backyard barbecue. Due to the occasion, any old barbecue won't do. For this party, you should get more creative than the typical burgers and dogs. Try serving a fresh mixed green salad with chicken and steak skewers and bbq shrimp. Add on a home-style pasta salad, lobster macaroni and cheese and a cool fruit salad for sides.

When looking to have a bit more formal "at-home" celebration, why not make it more of a tea party style event. You could host this inside your home or outside as a garden tea party. If baby's christening is during warmer months when serving guests hot tea would not be ideal, explore flavored iced tea options like Sweet Apple Iced Tea or Lemon-Ginger Iced Tea. Finger sandwiches and a veggie or cheese and cracker platter served alongside fresh breads and rolls would make a great spread for a tea party. Just remember, if you are planning to host the event outside, renting a tent is always a great insurance plan in case of inclement weather.

Also, if you are saving money with hosting the event in your home, you may want to splurge a little and have the event catered. It's going to be a busy day that you will want to enjoy, so spending money on a caterer would be a smart, stress reducing expense. Not looking to host the event at your home, but still looking to keep costs down? Renting out a recreational room in the church could be an affordable option for you and quite convenient for guests. Gathering at a local restaurant is another option to consider. If you are looking to go a bit more extravagant a local country club, formal garden or hotel ball room may be suitable for your needs.

Regardless of location, if you are inviting a number of people, be sure to set up a table for guests to leave gifts and cards. You will also want to allow for time to open gifts. When purchasing your Baptism invitations don't forget that you may want to order matching thank you cards. Location and theme of the party will also help dictate what sort of entertainment you should incorporate into your event. You may want to hire a soloist for light background music or hire a balloon twister or clown to entertain your tiny guests. Hiring an event photographer to capture all of the precious memories of the day would also allow you to relax and enjoy the day's wonderful moments, rather than stressing about who will be preserving them!

Decorations will vary depending on venue and budget, but one helpful suggestion is to keep things classic with a soft white palette and accenting colors of blue or pink (depending on the baby's gender). When it comes to cake, you can go the simple route and have a nice white cake with your baby's name and Christening date or you can go with something much more detailed like these specialty Christening cakes from Pink Cake Box.

Just keep in mind, the purpose for your gathering is to welcome your baby into the church, and the most important part of celebrating this milestone is to do so with loved ones.

What did you think of our Christening party suggestions?  Do you have other ideas you would like to share?  Let us know in the comments below.