Clicking with Your Photographer, with guest Karie Mclain

Marissa LatshawContributor

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Denver wedding photographer, Karie Mclain. Someone had tweeted a link to her new video which she calls "Meet Me!" -it introduced me to Karie and her fresh, personal approach to photographing newlyweds. I LOVED what I saw and just knew I had to meet this amazing woman. And, as luck would have it, she happily agreed to do this interview!

ME: Your photographs set a mood and reveal a unique aspect of your subjects' personalities. Every photographer has her own style. How do you recommend someone goes about choosing the style and photographer that is right for them?

KARIE: I feel as if choosing a photographer is one of the most important vendors to choose for an event.  After everything is said and done, the one thing you are left with is your photographs.  I always tell my clients to find a photographer that they “click” with as they will be the person that is around them most in a day!  You have to trust your photographer’s abilities and style!  When all these things are a match, you have no choice other than to let go, enjoy your day, relax – and let your photographer capture the amazing you {and your own unique style}.

ME: How would you describe your style?

KARIE: I describe my style most as fresh, fun, modern, and real – in fact, I have really strived to capture that through every part of my brand.  I think that you can capture some amazing and dramatic moments – while having fun.  That’s just how I roll :)

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ME: What qualities should someone look for when they're hiring a photographer?

KARIE: Every person and couple is unique – so I think it is very important to find a style and personality that work for you.  If you are a shy person, you need to find a photographer that can make you come out of your shell to tell your story.  I would definitely look for a photographer who has been in business for several years (at least), uses professional equipment, has backup equipment at the event, and has a great reputation.  

ME: What role does music play in the photo shoot experience?

KARIE: As a wedding and boudoir photographer, I often don’t have the opportunity to have music for photoshoots.  At a reception, I can definitely say that having the right DJ is important.  They are your ‘party planner’ for the evening – and when your group is having fun, the pictures turn out equally as fun.  On the other hand, if you are looking for something dramatic and romantic – the music can definitely set the mood for that as well.

ME: At weddings, specifically, how does the entertainment impact the photographs?

KARIE: I definitely think that entertainment impacts a couple’s photographs in a number of ways.  If the entertainment can make the group dance – including the family members – the pictures will be fantastic!  I love seeing Grandma’s and Grandpa’s on the floor!  One of my couple’s last year loved “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.  As soon as that song started to play – they ran to the dance floor, sang the lyrics, and played the air guitar.  True Story – and I LOVE the pictures that came from that! ME: Tell me more about you! KARIE: I am bright, I am bold, I laugh a lot, I get a little crazy on photo shoots, I dig alleys and architecture, as well as other places you don’t necessarily think of to have photos taken, I am a technology geek {seriously, I own the Apple Orchard}, I love my camera, I LOVE soda and Starbucks, I like to sing … loudly, and trust me, I am no good.  I like to dance.  I love my husband and my daughter, as well as my wonderful family and friends. I am a wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer based in Colorado.  I travel anywhere! I love my job! Check out Karie's breathtaking gallery, which can be found Photographer Karie Mclain's Gallery