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Couples Showers, Entertainment Options

Roni Shapira Ben-Yoseph


Couples wedding showers are growing in popularity. We are huge fans of the trend.  They present the opportunity to take or leave traditional shower conventions (because who really wants a ribbon bouquet) and bring a  fresh and personal sense of fun to the celebration.  The only thing better than a couples shower is one with live entertainment.  Here are some suggestions for a fabulous shower.

Know The Bride And Groom - For some couples being the center of attention can be nothing short of agonizing, while others eat it up.  Are they wallflowers or do they love the spotlight?  One of each?  Plan the event accordingly.  If trivia games, long toasts or tribute videos will make one or both members of the happy couple squirm then think of something else.

Know The Guest List - The happy couple may be very um "liberated" but if the bride comes from a conservative family you may want to skip the erotic cupcakes. As the host you want to showcase your creativity, but your goal should be a party where all of the guests and the guests of honor are happy and comfortable.

When you have a great sense of the couple and the guests you can have a great time with a theme and entertainment.  Is this a crowd of high-rollers who jet off to Vegas on a regular basis?  Throw a casino-themed party with blackjack and roulette.  No Vegas celebration would be complete without an Elvis impersonator.

Are the bride and groom total Gleeks with a song in their heart?  Bring in a karaoke DJ.  If you're dealing with a less boisterous crew, a weekend brunch that looks to the future will spark lively conversation among guests.

Hire a fortune teller, astrologer or palm reader to share their predictions, and ask guests to join in the fun; label envelopes with major milestones (first anniversary, having a baby, moving into a new house), and ask each couple to write down a story or piece of advice to share with the bride and groom, who will have the envelopes to open as they celebrate each momentous occasion.

For an adventurous bunch, rent a party bus and set out on a photo scavenger hunt with a wedding themed list (get pictures of an old couple in love, something sparkly, an outrageous dessert).

Coordinating a low-key celebration at home or at a restaurant?  Photo booths are a great addition to any party that bring out the unexpected in guests.  Have props on hand that reflect the couple's interests, whether that means his/hers motorcycle helmets for aficionados or mouse ears for a Disney-loving couple.

What did we miss?  Tell us your shower ideas in the comments!