David Bowie Songs for Your Wedding

Marta BlockContributor

Yesterday was the birthday of both Elvis and David Bowie. David Bowie celebrated by releasing his first new song in years. Since we devoted yesterday to Elvis on our blogs, it seemed only fair to give Mr. Bowie a little love today. We give you the top 10 David Bowie songs for your wedding, and of course, five you should skip!

Top 10 David Bowie Songs for Your Wedding

10. Love Song

9. Rebel Rebel

8. Be My Wife

7. Let's Dance

6. Wild is the Wind

5. Modern Love

4. Heroes

3. Changes

2. Golden Years

1. The Wedding Song

5 David Bowie Songs NOT to Play at Your Wedding

5. Suffragette City

4. John, I'm Only Dancing

3. Young Americans

2. Ashes to Ashes

1. Pressure