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Don't Mock the Wedding Details

Marta Block


Weddings are notoriously full of details. From the color of the napkins to the exact order of the play list there are so many decisions a bride and groom are encouraged to make. It's this attention to detail that makes those outside of the wedding world and those outside of a specific wedding shake their head in disbelief and throw around words like "bridezilla" and "insane."

It would be great if we could all agree on certain details that "just don't matter" and save future brides and grooms a lot of trouble. But here's the thing, the longer I work with weddings the more I learn that what seems mockable and forgettable can also be important. For a long time I cited "color of napkins" or "chair ties" as ridiculous details and something not worth arguing about.

Then, a linen distributor patiently explained to me that simple things like table linens, napkins, and chair ties  are actually the most cost effective way to set the tone for a wedding. By spending time and choosing the right napkin color you can make your tablescapes pop and forgo more expensive decorations. So, napkin color does matter. Look at the picture above, that is not an expensive table, but it looks elegant because of the use of the white and off white and the red chair ties.

jordan almonds as wedding favors

My latest discovery? Jordan Almonds. For years, Jordan Almonds have been used as an example of needless expense, a frivolous party favor that just isn't needed. Then, I read in this season's Southern Living Weddings that the almonds actually have a historical importance in Southern weddings. For hundreds of years, five almonds, representing fertility, health, wealth, happiness, and longevity were distributed at weddings. So, it's not that Jordan Almonds are the be all and end all of weddings, but hey, they're no sillier than having something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. No one makes fun of that tradition.

So as you travel on your wedding journey, ask questions, read articles and remember it's ok to care about the details.