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Easter Traditions and Party Ideas

Drew Stoga


Easter can mean a lot of different things to different people – church, Easter egg hunts, Easter bunnies, brunch, jelly beans...you get the idea. Whether your family celebrates the secular or sacred side of Easter, it is a great holiday and a perfect excuse to get everyone together. More than most holidays, Easter is a day the whole family can enjoy. Maybe you are content with your own Easter traditions or are looking breathe some new life into the holiday.

Either way here are a few Easter party ideas and planning tips to help you plan an amazing Easter:

Easter Recipes One of the best Easter traditions is Easter brunch. Whether you will be getting up early for church or sleeping in, Easter brunch is something for everyone to look forward to. For the adults, this Bloody Mary recipe can be a nice way to start off and this mushroom and goat cheese omelet will keep the group happy. And diners of all ages will love these hot crossed bunny buns! Maybe you have a sweet tooth and would like a treat to follow up all that brunch? Check out this recipe for the classic carrot cake, compliments of the Silver Palate Cookbook.

The Hunt Speaking of carrots, we all know that for the kids Easter is all about the Easter bunny (pictured here with a close friend).  In my house we decorated our own Easter eggs - just enough to replace the ones that had broken since last year. I have no idea how to do this so check out these tips from Epicurious. The next morning it was time to search around the house for hidden eggs.  Once every single egg was accounted for (my Mom kept a close count) it was time for the main event: Easter baskets – loaded with candy. Jelly Beans were always my favorite but I know lots of people are partial to Peeps. If you need some inspiration on how to load your Easter baskets – check out these ideas form Punchbowl.

Whatever you do this Easter we hope you have an amazing time! Let us know your favorite Easter traditions in the comment section below.