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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Karaoke But Were Afraid to Ask

Drew Stoga


We are living in a Golden Age of Karaoke. Love it or hate it (and really, who hates it?) Karaoke is everywhere these days. From your neighborhood pub to a friend’s wedding to American Idol. Karaoke has never been more popular around the world than it is right now.* GigMasters counts dozens of Karaoke DJs and even a growing number of Karaoke bands as members. We recently reached out to them to ask them about the art of Karaoke and got some interesting answers. One major point of contention amongst Karaoke DJs seems to be the importance of having the best equipment.

Some of our DJs told us they can rock a party with any old equipment and that clients don’t care because they just want to sing. Makes sense. On the other hand, Ahronian Productions (Holliston, MA) thinks that it is “very important” to have the best equipment. “I want the best sound. I don’t do MP3s and I have the best equipment. My clients tell me they can hear the quality sound.” We also wanted to know how much time our DJs spent speaking to the crowd, getting the party going. Do they pick up the mic or just let the music do the talking? Cape & Islands Entertainment – DJ, Vocals & Karaoke (Cape Cod, MA) told us “We take our lead from our clients. We listen very carefully to what they want, and we develop our approach based on what they tell us.” He went on to tell us that they can either take a back seat to clients or can stay front and center, “but it always comes down to providing what your customer is looking for, nothing more and nothing less!” When asked about the difference between their dream audience and nightmare audience Star Entertainment (Memphis, TN) told us “My dream audience is one that participates in the action and applauds after every singer good or bad. My NIGHTMARE audience is the total opposite!” In other words, no matter how bad someone is at singing, don’t boo them off the stage. Finally we wanted to ask our Karaoke DJs about the new trend (we think it’s new at least) of Karaoke bands.

Basically the idea here is that a live band backs you up while you sing your favorite tune. Originally we had assumed that there would be some animosity between the DJs and bands. However we found that the general feeling was one of peaceful coexistence. As Star Entertainment put it “Live bands in my opinion are great. For the most part they know how to play a lot of songs, but no one band can know over 50,000 songs so it may be hard to keep up with all the customer requests. But I think it can be fun.” Fair enough!

There you have it - Karaoke bands and Karaoke DJs living peacefully. Hire one today and find out for yourself what all the talk is about!  

*Not based on real research