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Get Hitched on the Right Track

Marissa Latshaw


I believe that some things are just meant to be, but most things require some planning. Why should your marriage be any different? Our guest, 5-star motivational speaker, Bob Prentice shares with us the wisdom of creating a marriage plan...

Your days are filled with planning the wedding of a lifetime…

But how much planning has gone into making your marriage one that will last a lifetime?

Most couples spend months planning the wedding of their dreams…determined to do whatever it takes to make their special day absolutely perfect. The day comes and goes, and all the time, money and effort that went into making the wedding day a memorable one, is gone, except for the memories.

The two have become one, and a lifetime is spread before you. The question is, have you given much thought to what you will do now to assure that the years of your marriage are as wonderful as your wedding day? You have your hopes and dreams, and you are counting on your love for each other to take you there. But is that enough? Is there something you can do to assure that your marriage will last a lifetime?

Have you ever considered a written marriage plan? Well, to be honest with you, not many people we know have ever considered writing a marriage plan. In fact, neither did we, until we had been married for several years. But then it occurred to us that if we were going to have the kind of success we desired in our married life we were going to need a plan. After all, we had a financial plan and a business plan for our lives. Why not a marriage plan too?

My dear wife of nearly 33 years and I have a written marriage plan and we wouldn’t want to live without one!

The blessings have been many through the years–four awesome children, two of whom are married to wonderful spouses and have presented us with a total of six grandchildren. We have loved, dreamed, and worked together to raise our family and run our business all these years. Our marriage plan has assisted us in navigating through everything life has brought our way and kept us fiercely devoted and committed to one another, helping us to live out our marriage vows to love, honor and cherish… for better or worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health…’til death do us part…

Good communication is vital to marriage, and creating a written marriage plan together as a couple is very helpful in bringing about healthy communication about a variety of issues in marriage. Bringing our minds together for a common goal and common purpose is one of the richest and most powerful things on earth.

The passion we have for giving our clients the tools they need to succeed in their personal and professional lives has led to us assisting a number of couples in building their marriage plans, including their marriage and family goals and dreams. The result is numerous couples have brought their thoughts, dreams, goals, and desires together into a “living document” which they update on a yearly basis. The reward has been long lasting marriages, long lasting businesses, healthy family relationships without all the ugly breakdowns and meltdowns so many families experience these days.

What are the elements of an effectively written marriage plan? What areas of our marriage do we plan? How is it developed? How hard is it to do a written marriage plan? What are the benefits of having a written marriage plan? Do we need a coach to help us get our thoughts and ideas on paper? What about defining our roles and responsibilities within our marriage? Who is going to do what? Do we need some common agreements? These are all great questions that you should ask.


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