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Great Gatsby Wedding Theme: Own It!

Marta Block


I have a feeling that not even director Baz Luhrmann is as excited about The Great Gatsby movie release in May as people in the wedding industry are. Not since Mad Men hit the airwaves 6 years ago has there been such a clear cultural touchstone to inspire weddings. Mad Men was all about the look, but didn't give that many hints for entertainment. That's why we love the idea of a Great Gatsby wedding theme at GigMasters, it hits on so many of our favorite ideas.

yellow rolls royce great gatsby


Cars figure heavily in the story of The Great Gatsby (ok, now always in a positive way, there is that accident, but still). Nothing indicates luxury as quickly as a luxury car. If you want to bring a little Great Gatsby style to your wedding consider something other than the classic wedding limo (not that there's anything wrong with that). What about a Rolls Royce or Classic Convertible? Remember, it doesn't have to be time period appropriate to capture the glamour of Gatsby. By the way, the photo above is the car from the 1974 version of the Great Gatsby with Robert Redford.

sparklers at wedding

Go Big with Fun Entertainment

The Great Gatsby is all about excess. Sure, it would be nice to be as rich as Gatsby, but for most of us cost is an issue. There are plenty of lower cost items that can still give a feeling of exuberance and excess. Face painting and glitter tattoos (for adults and kids), dancers and stilt walkers (as guests enter the party), sparklers and glitter (as guests leave) all give a feeling of glamour and excess at a relatively low cost.

band jazz


It was called the jazz age after all. If you're not going with a jazz band as your main entertainment, consider a jazz quartet for cocktail hour, or a classic wedding band that can do jazz standards. By the way, the photo above is of GigMasters member N8 + Jazz Band. You can read more about them in this post about Best Wedding Bands in Orange County.


It wouldn't be a Gatsby party without free flowing alcohol. You can control your alcohol costs by only serving certain drinks. Check out our Life of the Party blog for some basic cost cutting measures when it comes to alcohol.

Are you incorporating jazz age or Gatsby themed items into your upcoming wedding? Share your plans in the comments below.