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Groom Advice, Wedding Entertainment Tips & More From The Man Registry

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It is no secret that at most weddings, all eyes are on the bride.  But that does not mean that the groom can slack off.

We know you grooms-to-be have questions of your own so we turned to Chris Easter, founder of TheManRegistry.com for a guy's perspective on wedding entertainment, first dances and general advice for grooms.

How can the groom make sure that he and his bride see eye-to-eye on the wedding entertainment selection?

As with marriage, the key to wedding entertainment selection is compromise. I recommend that both the bride and groom independently create a ten song “must-play” list and a “do-not play” list. You can immediately throw out the “do-not play lists.” You can probably keep all of the songs on the “must-play” list unless there is an objection on either side. From there, it’s best to consult with your band or DJ on the rest of the songs. Remember, entertainers are experts on this and can mold the night’s entertainment around your wedding style and guest list.

It’s always a smart move to go with a mix of classic songs and some current favorites. This way, you’ll please the older guests while still having some songs that you and your younger friends can bust up the dance floor to.

What can the groom do to ensure that he and his buds have fun – without offending dear Aunt Marge?

I always tell grooms that you shouldn’t plan on your older guests, like Aunt Marge, staying until the end of the wedding reception. In most cases, they won’t even last that long after dinner. My advice is to map out the playlist so you’ve got some classic, age-neutral dance songs played early on in the night. Save the songs that you and your groomsmen are going to break dance to for later on in the night.

What should a groom do when he hates to dance, but his bride wants him on the dance floor all night?

This is an issue that a lot of men dread as the big day is approaching. I myself used to fear going out on the dance floor and cutting loose. However, in the words of Nike, I believe that dancing is one of the times in life when you’ve gotta just do it. You’re never going to learn to love busting a move unless you get out there and make a fool of yourself for the first time.

There are also these three things you can do to make the jump to the dance floor a little less painful:

1.)    Sign up for some dance lessons with your bride in the months before the wedding.

2.)    Study some dance moves on YouTube. Trust me, there are thousands.

3.)    Down a stiff drink. This probably helps the most.

Many grooms dread the first dance – with all eyes on them, as they sway from side to side with their new wife. Any tips on surviving this “special” moment?

In my experience, the dread isn’t about the actual act of the first dance, it’s about the choosing of the song. First, you should both think about songs that remind you of the other and your relationship. The words of the song should hold special meaning to the couple. Usually, the first dance is a slow song or a ballad. This isn’t a set-in-stone rule, however the song should be easy to dance to and seta romantic mood. Remember, this is the first dance of the rest of your life.

About the Author

In 2007, Chris Easter co-founded TheManRegistry.com, a web-based resource for engaged men. The company started as a gift registry/e-commerce platform and has grown into the web's leading source of groomsmen gifts, content and wedding vendor listings targeting grooms. In addition to The Man Registry, Chris also serve as editor for GroomsAdvice.com where he showcases the lighter side of weddings via daily tips, video clips, and web contests for grooms. Respected throughout the wedding industry as a top innovator, Chris was recently named one of the top 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by Inc. Magazine.

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