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Halloween and Holiday Parties, How to Hire a DJ

Marta Block


Whatever kind of party you're planning this holiday season (and yes, at GigMasters we consider Halloween to be part of the holiday season) adding a DJ can be a fun, affordable way to add some oomph to the festivities. No two DJs are alike and not all DJs are appropriate for all events. Today's guest post comes from one of GigMasters DJs, Dandy DJ of Burbank, California. He's got some great thoughts for you to consider before choosing your DJ. Special to GigMasters from Neil, Dandy DJ

• If you are going to have a mature crowd, it's not usually a good idea to hire the teenage techno club dj.

• If yours will be a family setting, you will want someone who can please both the kids and the adults with popular modern songs as well as classics which everyone will enjoy making sure to only play CLEAN VERSIONS of songs.

• If you will be playing games - it is important to get a DJ who enjoys leading games and getting out there to make sure your guests have fun.

• If you are having a Halloween costume party, make sure your DJ isn't "too cool for school" and will join in the fun and dress up!

• Be sure your DJ will be happy to decorate their table to go with your theme. The last thing you want is a stick-in-the-mud who won't help you have any fun (that stated - please stay mindful that the DJ is there as a service provider and does actually have to be behind the table for much of the time to cue up songs, beat match songs and transition from tune-to-tune as well as take requests from you and your guests).

• Make sure the DJ is willing to accept a playlist from you in advance if there are certain songs you want to make sure will be played and also be sure the DJ is willing to honor a DO NOT PLAY list in case there are songs you wish to make sure are not played at your gathering.

• If your holiday gathering will have a religious focus, be sure that your DJ will be respectful and honoring of it. By that same token, if your party will be risque and wild, you will likely want to make sure the DJ you are considering will be able to provide service in such a setting (their religion or personal codes may prevent them from serving certain kinds of gatherings).

• Communication with your service providers really is the key to ensuring that you not only have the right service people for your special celebration, but also so that they know what will be expected of them and what you can expect from them.

What questions do you have about hiring a DJ? Share them in the comments below.