Halloween Dessert Stand (DIY) Craft Tutorial

Your Halloween party will be so much sweeter with these mouthwatering displays that are finger-licking good.
Nicole SteegerContributor

This is a special guest article written by Jennifer from Jen T by Design.

I’m Jennifer, the party girl behind Jen T by Design. Today, I’m sharing with you a super cute, incredibly easy way to add some height and style to your Halloween party table all for just a few dollars! This project was created to use at a Halloween party, but you can use homemade dessert stands all year round by changing the paint color or plate color. The possibilities are endless!

Awesome, right? Let’s get started!

DIY Halloween Dessert Stands:

Photo Courtesy of Jen T by Design.

See those four black stands on either side of the cake? That’s what we’re making. Let’s get started.

For each short dessert stand, you’ll need:

  • One glass candle holder from the Dollar Store (For the tall dessert stand, you'll need two candle holders.)
  • Black spray paint (I used the Now brand from Jo-Ann in a gloss finish.)
  • One melamine plate (I got mine from Target for $4.)
  • E-6000 glue

How to Make a DIY Dessert Stand:

1. Choose an open area. Lay out newspaper or a drop cloth to protect the surface.

2. Spray paint the candle holders. Spray from the top to the bottom with short, light strokes to avoid drip marks.

3. Allow the paint to dry. Wait about 15 minutes. Then, apply another coat. Two coats did the trick for me, but if you’d like to apply another, go right ahead.

*NOTE:  It is NOT safe to serve food on spray-painted surfaces, so be sure to avoid spraying the plates.

4. Once the paint is dry, squeeze a light layer of E-6000 glue around the top edge of the candle holder.

5. Center the holder onto the bottom center of the plate, and apply a bit of pressure to ensure a good connection.

6. Let it dry. This glue dries fast and strong.

*NOTE: To make the taller dessert stand, glue two short ends of the candle holders together. Then, secure the large end to the plate.

Here is the end result:

Photo Courtesy of Jen T by Design.

And here’s a stand in action:

Photo Courtesy of Jen T by Design.

Wasn’t that easy?  And they look so great on the table. Have fun with them, and share pics if you decide to give it a whirl. Happy celebrating!

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