Halloween Wedding with Pirate Theme

Marta Block


Halloween weddings are a little controversial. But whether you like them or not you have to admire a couple that fully embraces not only Halloween but their own little oddities. That's why I was so excited to get these Halloween-Pirate Theme wedding photos from Molly Ann at Luminaire Images. Here's what Molly Ann had to say about the wedding:

Leanne and Tommy love Halloween, and pirates. So it only stood to reason that they should have a pirate wedding on Halloween! Many of their guests are also fans of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, so almost everybody arrived in what appeared to be period-appropriate costumes. It was wild, and very creative! The bridesmaids all had parasols, and the groomsmen all carried daggers or swords. Just before the garter toss, Leanne also tucked a (prop) pistol under her dress for Tommy to find!

red centerpiece  wedding invitation with pirate theme

red, black, green bridesmaids outfits

pirate outfits for groomsmen

bride in full white ballroom gown from back  pirate groom

black and white garters on bride  red rose bouquet with peals and black boots

outdoor wedding with pirate band

outdoor wedding guests

pirate themed corpse bride wedding cake

Vendors Involved

Photographers: Luminaire Images

Florist: Melinda McCoy (family friend)

Venue: Backyard wedding in Lakewood, CA

Invitations/Artwork: Crab Scrambly

Live Reception Music: The Pirates Charles

Details, decorations, favors: DIY (Leanne & her mother Donna)

Cake: Modeled after the cake in the Tim Burton movie "The Corpse Bride"

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What do you think? Would you have a Halloween wedding with this strong a theme?