Hipster vs Urban Chic Wedding Cage Match

Marta Block


For the past few weeks we've been talking about The Knot's big three wedding trends for 2013 and trying to visually break them down for you. We've found the "cage match" idea quite helpful. Hipster is a tricky one because of course, anyone who thinks they are a hipster, probably isn't. Still there are tell-tale signs. 

Hipster grooms do not like socks, but they do like facial hair and hats, as these images from Ruffled Blog and Wedding Gawker show. Why? We think maybe it's a temperature control thing, hair on the face and a hat keeps you warm enough that you do not need socks. Sometimes they do wear socks, but the socks are fun and may or may not match.

grooms no socks

Hipster brides like old fashioned romance, flowing dresses and bright flowers all served with a sense of humor, as these photos from Hipster Bride and Ruffled show.

wedding photography of hipster bride in flowing dress

bright purple and large white flowers for hipster wedding

There are always cute, expensively dressed street urchins at Hipster weddings, as seen in this photo also from Hipster Bride.

children and bride in flowy dress at hipster wedding

At first thought Urban Chic may seem like the same thing as Hipster. After all, Hipsters are primarily urban and sophisticated, but they're very different feels. For one thing, children are not allowed at Urban Chic weddings. The two styles do share a love of tattoos and graffiti, as seen in this photo from Bubbly Bride.

wedding photography of bride and groom against wall with grafitti

Urban Chic has harder, cleaner lines. There's nothing soft and romantic, just clean, cool and sharp. This inspiration board from Beloved Weddings is a perfect example of the clean aesthetic.

urban chic wedding inspiration board

Whether your style is Hipster, Urban Chic or something else don't forget to enter our Engagement Pics contest for your chance to win $300 in picture perfect prizes!

Do either of these wedding styles appeal to you? Let us know in the comments.