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Holiday Weddings: Do You Dare?

Marta Block


Certain wedding arguments just never seem to get solved. Should you have children at your wedding? Are destination weddings rude or fun? Will the black wedding dress ever really take off? You can add, should you have your wedding on a holiday to the list.

The two sides of the argument are basically this:

It's rude. Don't hijack my holiday, or my three day weekend, with your wedding. Travel will be more expensive and frankly, New Year's Eve is not about you. Also, you know you'll never be able to celebrate your anniversary and some wedding vendors will be more expensive.

What a great idea. Your family and friends will already be gathered in one place, people don't have to make plans for the holiday. You'll always remember your anniversary and some wedding venues and vendors may be less expensive.

Image via The Vinyards of Chappel Lodge

Both sides are absolutely correct.

So how do you decide? Here are three factors to consider:

Is your wedding in a location that family and friends will be traveling to anyway? Are you saving them a trip or forcing an expensive trip on them? If you're thinking about having a wedding over the winter holidays, think about the weather where you're located as well.

Because religious laws prevent things like photography and electricity usage on the Sabbath, it's fairly common for Jewish weddings to be held on Sundays. If you're having a Jewish wedding, or live in an area with a large Jewish population a Memorial Day or Labor Day wedding will be seen as totally normal. Likewise, if your guests are all Jewish, a Christmas wedding is doable. On the other hand, if you live in a heavily Christian area an Easter or Christmas wedding will be hard to pull off.

Your Attitude
People have holiday plans. Even for holidays like the Fourth of July, people have plans. You will never choose a wedding date that works for all of your guest list (remember, the general guideline is that only about 70% of the invited, attend). But, having a holiday wedding may reduce your numbers even more. It will be very difficult to convince families with children to travel over the holidays, especially if those children aren't invited. If that's hard for you to accept, a holiday wedding is not for you.

Main image courtesy of Bridal Guide.