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Holiday Weddings, Are They too Much of a Good Thing?

Marta Block


This Christmas Santa brought a lot of celebrities engagement rings and it's no surprise. By some estimates 40% of all engagements happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day, so for those of us in the wedding business it's definitely still "the season."

With all the holiday engagements, a lot of people may be thinking about getting married over a holiday weekend.This is always a hotly debated discussion on forums and discussion boards. Some people feel like it’s an imposition on guests who mayhave to cancel traditional family plans or long awaited vacations. Others feel like it makes life easier for guests, giving them an extra day to travel. Because Jewish couples cannot get married on the Sabbath (between Friday night and Saturday night) Jewish weddings are almost always on a Sunday, so the three-day weekend definitelymakes it easier for the couple and guests alike.

Although your guests may appreciate the extra day to travel they may find holiday airfare and hotel rooms more expensive.

If the holiday in question is something like New Year’s Eve or Fourth of July, where wedding bandsDJs, and other wedding professionals are likely to have other gig opportunities, you too may wind up paying a little bitmore for your event. Holding it on a Sunday, may let you make up some of that cost in lower venue fees, but don’t count on that for popular venues in larger urban areas.

A lot of couples joke that getting married on a holiday makes the date easier to remember, but for some people that could be a drawback. If your anniversary is on or even near Christmas, you may have a hard time going out for your anniversary in years to come (and as someone with a birthday near Christmas, let me tell you, you'll also miss out on anniversary presents).

Still thinking about it? A few months ago we gave you the rundown on potential 2014 wedding dates.

So, what do you think? Would you consider a holiday wedding?

Photos of 2010 Christmas Celebrity engagements courtesy of Celebrity Bride Guide.