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Hot Weather Wedding Savers

Marta Block


father of the bride and bride at outdoor wedding

The "woodland wonderland" wedding theme has taken outdoor weddings out of the shade this year, but whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors, the heat can still have a big impact on your wedding plans. We have some great tips for keeping your wedding cool this summer no matter where your wedding will be. We've used images from this gorgeous Black Hills, South Dakota wedding with an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception to illustrate some of our points.

outdoor wedding under trees

Assuming that you've already thought about and arranged for a rain location (or a tent with floor), if you're having an outdoor wedding then shade becomes the biggest issue for both your guests and your wedding vendors. When choosing an outdoor wedding venue, make sure to think about what time of day your wedding will be held and where both the participants and guests will sit. Is there a location that keeps anyone from looking directly in to the sun? Even if your wedding is indoors, think about how guests will get to the site, and if some outside shade needs to be provided for smokers are those looking to get a little fresh air.

fans as wedding favor

It sounds cheesy, and no one really needs it as a keepsake, but those little paper fans really can make a big difference to your guests.

bride with bridesmaids in short hot pink bridesmaids dresses

Formal clothing just isn't as comfortable in hot weather as it is in cooler months. Obviously, there is summer formal wear, but in general even if your wedding is indoors your guests will be more comfortable if they aren't at a black tie wedding in August. Think about what look you want for yourself, and your wedding party before deciding on a summer wedding. Also, remember to go easy on the makeup, you don't want to be able to feel your foundation sliding down your cheeks during your first dance.

Although winter has its hazards, providing wedding transportation is equally important in the summer months. Guests may become impaired more quickly than normal (see food and beverage below) and out of town guests are at the mercy of rental cars and their unreliable air conditioning.

wedding bar bloody marys

Food and Drink
Ever notice how much better a cold beer tastes on a hot day? Unfortunately, dehydration can lead to people drinking more alcohol, which can contribute to dehydration, and allow people to become drunk more quickly. Make sure to provide guests with a variety of alcohol free drink options. This bloody mary bar is a great idea because it allows people to put the amount of alcohol they feel they can handle in their drink, but summer may be a great time to hire a professional bartender to help keep things under control as well.

wedding skewers cheese and meat

No one wants to eat a heavy meal on a hot day, even if they're inside. Providing a variety of snacks throughout the day is a great idea.

white wedding cake bicycle toppers

The Cake
Even in the best of conditions, say an air conditioned venue, some decorations and fillings don't do as well in heat and humidity. For this reason, many wedding cake bakers will avoid certain ingredients in the summer. For example, custard or bavarian cream, don't do very well in heat and can make a wedding cake soggy, or even, spoil. Certain types of frosting, especially those that require refrigeration, such as cream cheese, or whipped cream frostings are also no-nos for summer weddings. You know how chocolate candy melts in the sun? Types of ganache are also prone to heat failure. In general, most wedding cake bakers will suggest fondant of buttercream for summer wedding cakes. If you have a dream cake in mind, make sure to discuss it, and your wedding date, with your baker. Don't go with a bakery that makes promises just because it's what you want, ask them about the cake and the weather.

bridal bouquet orange, pink, and white

We always recommend using in-season flowers as a money saving technique, but it can also save the day with hot weather. The less travel cut flowers have to do in summer months, the better. Try to find a florist close to your wedding and reception site, and make sure to ask about how your chosen flowers will do in the heat.

Photographer:  Cadey Reisner Weddings
Cake Designer:2 Sisters Bakery
Caterer:Anything's Possible Catering
Reception Venue:Black Hills Receptions and Rentals
Floral Designer:Roots Floral

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