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Ask the Experts: Finding Cater Waiters

Marta Block


Question: My wedding is "semi-catered" we are having barbecue, but we need to pick it up ourselves. How do I find people to set it up and serve it?

A: The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is run around town in a big white dress carrying trays of barbecue sauce. Your best bet is to call a local catering company and ask for referrals to companies that provide wait staff only. Another idea would be to call the restaurant providing the barbecue and ask if they have recommendations. Perhaps they have wait staff not working the day of the wedding who would love to earn some extra money.

Professional catering staff is a better option than off work waiters because working a wedding is different than working a restaurant. You want people with experience if at all possible. A final option would be to ask friends and family for recommendations for responsible teens or college students. If you go this route, make sure you designate a contact person you trust to be in charge of the amateur wait staff.