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How to Be a Good Wedding Guest

Marta Block


If you're planning a wedding in the near future chances are you're also going to a lot of weddings in the near future. As the summer wedding season gets underway we thought it would be helpful to review some tips on being a good wedding guest. Trust us, being a good wedding guest now will pay off when your guests return the favor at your own wedding.

Speaking of your own wedding, that's our first tip, let it go for the day. It can be tempting to compare the wedding you're attending to the one you recently held or are planning, but don't. Each wedding is its own creature. Try and avoid mentioning your own wedding during the day, and certainly don't make comments that make it seem like yours is better.

It may also be tempting to steal great wedding ideas. Neither you nor your friend invented the idea of mason jars at an outdoor wedding, or even of having a strolling magician. If you see an idea that's similar to yours, take it in stride. If you see an idea that you'd like to copy, feel free, just put your own spin on it. However, if you see a wedding vendor you like, make sure to ask for a card. 

The single most helpful thing you can do as a wedding guest is to RSVP accurately and on time. Don't invite along a guest if one wasn't included, and don't change your attendance at the last minute. Definitely don't make the couple hunt you down for your answer. Once you've RSVP'd, make sure to show up on time. There's no such thing as fashionably late to a wedding. There's also no such thing as leaving fashionably early. Your hosts have planned a fantastic evening for you to enjoy. Stick around and enjoy it.

But, don't enjoy it too much. I mean, don't drink too much. Yes, there's an open bar, but that doesn't mean you need to get drunk. When you drink too much you're likely to do or say something embarrassing. No bride deserves to hear what you truly think of her dress, or have you harass her vendors, or throw up in her flowers.

Have a great time and remember the golden wedding rule, do unto other brides and grooms as you would have them do unto you! 


Main Image Credit: Brides.com