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How to Consciously Celebrate Pride in NYC this Month

Grace Peisker


Happy June! New York’s colors are flying this month, as a record 6 million people will be celebrating LGBTQ pride. Whether you’re partying the entire month or planning a get-together to watch the June 30 Pride Parade from a rooftop, this month is about celebrating the movement’s progress, because this year is especially meaningful. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Inn riots: The night when escalating tension between the police and the gay community in the West Village exploded in the form of  brick-to-glass, starting one of the biggest revolutions of the century.

To commemorate, WorldPride takes place in New York City this year—a celebration founded by the It Gets Better project, which aims to be a global force of good for the international LGBTQ community. Throughout the weekend of June 30, there will be events held all around the city sponsored by WorldPride and will be open for everyone to attend.

Celebrators are being more mindful now than ever before about partying with brands that walk the walk and talk the talk all year in support of queer individuals worldwide. Here are some tips that will help you throw not only the most fun pride party, but one that supports and uplifts fellow LGBTQ community members from a local to global scale.

Pride Gear and Decor

Where does your money go when you buy those emblazoned rainbow hats, shirts, and bags? This question is becoming more pertinent to the global pride conversation. While going to convenient nationwide retailers for gear and decor is tempting, consider supporting independent creators, stores with a friendly record towards the community, or brands that donate to LGBTQ causes. For merch, visit websites like Etsy that give artists a positive platform for their work. For party supplies and decorations, websites like Rainbow Depot and Gay Pride Direct exclusively sell pride supplies and are LGBT owned and operated.

Food and Drink

Food and drink: two things every get-together needs. Get inspired by the rainbow and dress up desserts with colorful sprinkles, or go the healthy route with colorful fruit skewers. Or, make it easy on yourself and cater! For sweet, consider Glazed and Confused donuts. For savory, Pinks’ punchy tacos will impress anyone. And drinks: Lifted Spirits Bar Concierge and Staffing customize their services for any event (hello signature cocktails!), and bring an element of fun with them too.


Many of history’s greatest entertainers are part of the community, whether they identified as an LGBTQ individual, an outspoken ally or somewhere in between. Pay homage by booking a lively impersonator or drag performer like Steven Andrade or Devon Cass. These two Cher impersonators have both been mistaken for the pop queen herself and they go above and beyond in crowd engagement, making the shyest wallflower come to life.


Pride month is meant for celebrating the immense progress of our culture and fearlessly defending our queer brothers and sisters. No action of activism is too small, especially in today’s society. In 2019, advocating for those without a voice is just as important as celebrating with one. Engage guests in a donation fund or raffle that gives to organizations like the GLBTQ Legal Advocates and Defenders (GLAD), Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC), The New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project, or the Trevor Project, among others.

Published on 8/30/2019