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How to Combine Your Wedding Traditions with a Twist

Roni Shapira Ben-Yoseph


What happens when your unique wedding day visions clash with the traditional tendencies of your family?  Things can get tricky and parents can get particularly opinionated when they are footing the bill.  Wedding traditions often taste best with a twist, much like a vodka tonic! 

Your family wants the wedding march but you want your favorite pop song for the processional. Hire a string quartet to play the song of your choice.  The family gets traditional instrumentation, you get the song you love and your guests get a wonderful musical surprise that lets your personality shine through.

Grandma wants to throw rice but you heard it was bad for birds.  That's sort of an urban legend, but rice on a hard surface does present a falling risk.  Let grandma have her grand exit by having guests blow bubbles or hold sparklers instead.

Your mom wants a cake cutting ceremony, but you don't want to serve cake? Get a small cake or large cupcake to add to your desert table and stage the cake cutting for photos only.

Dad has his heart set on a shmalzy song for thefather-daughter dance.  Give the man what he wants on the condition that he will stay on the dance floor for your pick.  Say he wants Sunrise,Sunset?  Fine, but he’d better busta move when the band transitions to Gwen Stefani’s Rich Girl, a modern take on another song from Fiddler On The Roof.

There are so many traditions that will seem meaningful to some, corny to others.  Don’t get pressured to do anything that will embarrass you or goes against your beliefs, but look for ways to keep everyone happy. There are countless details that go into a wedding, and each one presents an opportunity for self-expression.  Decide what matters most and pick your battles wisely.