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Most Popular Kids' Party Themes: Colorful Rainbow Loom Fun

Katherine Lee


If you're looking for a fun kids' party theme, a Rainbow Loom party might be just the thing. These popular rubber band bracelet-making kits and similar competitors like Cra-Z-Loom have officially become kid obsessions, to the point where it's hard to find a child who doesn't own at least a few (or dozens) of these colorful rubber-band bracelets to wear on their wrists.

As a kid party theme, a Rainbow Loom party is pretty perfect: The decorations and food can be colorful, the main entertainment/party activity can be making bracelets (or other rubber band jewelry), and kids can take home what they make in party gift bags. Here are some ideas for how to plan a perfect Rainbow Loom party for kids.

Colorful Food and Decorations

When it comes to food and decorations for a Rainbow Loom party, think color! Get or make paper fans, streamers, and balloons in all the colors of the rainbow. Get white cake pops or a white cake and decorate with colorful sprinkles. For a healthy party snack, make a fruit plate with lots of color using blueberries, strawberries, pineapples, cantaloupe, etc., or get rainbow-colored cups and fill with cut-up fruit.

You can also include rubber band bracelets made by the birthday girl or boy in the gift bags as a special thank you to her/his guests. And you can give kids small bags or rubber bands or mini looms to help them create more bracelets at home.

Making and Sharing Fun and Bracelets

The main event can be making Rainbow Loom bracelets. You may want to hire a sitter or ask a Rainbow-Loom loving friend to come and teach kids how to make different bracelet designs. Some designs can get quite complicated, so it's a great idea to have someone guide party guests and help them create bracelets or other jewelry.

Set up individual looming stations with small bowls of rubber bands separated out into different colors. Depending on how many guests you have, you may want to give each child a full-size loom or a mini loom (which are much less expensive, and can later be taken home by the child in the gift bag). Mini looms can be quite useful for making simple designs, like a fishtail bracelet or a simple single-pattern bracelet.

Photo Credit: Wonderfully Made Events

Other Tips for a Rainbow Loom Party

You may want to have another activity set up for kids to enjoy when they get tired of creating bracelets. (Younger kids especially tend to have shorter attention spans so it's a good idea to have a backup activity.) Some to consider: a face painter to give kids rainbows or other designs on their faces or a bounce house to get kids moving and burn off some energy when they get restless.

Featured Image Credit: Wonderfully Made Events

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