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How to Make Your Guests Hate Your Wedding

Marta Block


Everyone knows it's a losing proposition to try and please everyone with your wedding. People who are determined to find fault, will find fault no matter what. If you read one article that says how much people hate buffets, you'll read another that says how much people hate sit down dinners. As a general rule, brides and grooms are encouraged to do what makes sense for them on their wedding day. But there are certain categories of wedding complaints that it makes sense to think about when you're making your plans. After all, although your wedding day may be about the two of you, that's no reason to be rude to everyone else!

Picking a wedding date is stressful. No one date will work for everyone, but there are some things to think about. If you live in an area with a lot of snow, it's going to make it hard for people to get to your wedding. If you're holding a Sunday night wedding, guests may need to leave early so they can get to work the next day. If you want kids at your wedding, a nighttime wedding might not make any sense at all.

The other part of timing that drives guests crazy is timing on the wedding day. Whatever you do, don't leave your guests standing around with nothing to do. If you have a large gap between the wedding and the reception, make suggestions for what guests can do. If you're going to take photos directly after the wedding, make sure to provide your guests with cocktails, appetizers, and entertainment while you take those photos. If you're using the same space for the ceremony and reception, or the cocktail hour and reception and need to turn the room over, talk to your wedding planner or the venue manager about how to do this and still leave guests something to do.

Weddings aren't events for which people like to be fashionably late, you can expect guests to show up at your ceremony site 30 minutes before the wedding starts. Make sure the site is fully decorated and ready to go, and again, provide some music.

You would not believe the number of stories we hear about weddings without enough food or with poor quality food. Wedding guests also hate when the service is uneven (some tables served 30 minutes before others). Talk to your caterer and make sure things will run smoothly.

Blah, Blah, Blah

A 20 person reception line, four toasts, a father daughter dance, a mother son dance, a brother sister dance, an uncle bride dance ... Yes, absolutely, your wedding is about you but your guests aren't there just to watch you celebrate, they're there to celebrate WITH you. If you're open to honesty, an experienced wedding planner can really help you avoid annoying your guests by making suggestions about what to cut.

Cash Bars
There's just no way around this, every single guest hates being asked to pay for his or her own drink. Are there any exceptions? Well, yes. If every wedding in your social circle has had a cash bar, then go ahead and do it. Other than that, nope, just don't.

What are the worst wedding fails you've seen?