25 Ideas for a Family Reunion

Bring everyone together with these fun family reunion ideas.

Meabh McCrossan


Family—is there any better cause for celebration than that? Family reunions are a great way to celebrate a milestone birthday, graduation, or just get together with relatives. Whether you’re looking to share a meal or host an elaborately themed party, these great ideas for a family reunion will be memorable for all.

While planning a family reunion, you might be on the hunt for event ideas, inspiration, and advice, as well as local vendors to hire for your family gathering. With our help, you’ll have more time to make memories with your family! These fun and easy family reunion ideas will create memories your loved ones will never forget.

Here are 25 fun and easy ideas for a family reunion:

A Unique Venue

Your Favorite Restaurant

What’s better than hanging out with your family at your favorite local eatery? Many restaurants offer private and semi-private dining areas that are perfect for bigger groups. You can decorate your space however you like, invite a large group, and enjoy delectable meals in a familiar setting. What’s more, you won’t even have to wash a single plate - now that’s what we’re talking about! 

Self-Catered Cabins

Rent out several charming cabins for a weekend-long retreat out in nature. Every branch of your family tree will have its own lodging to retreat to after a fun-filled day of activities, still conveniently close by one another. Self-catered accommodation is also perfect for those with small children, as you can have your very own kitchen, bathroom, and living area at hand.

Entertainment Ideas for a Family Reunion

Face Painting

You’re never too old for face painting! Family members of all ages are sure to get a kick out of having a face painter transform them into creative characters and charming creatures. If you’re hosting your reunion near a holiday, you can have themed looks, like spooky spider webs or hip-hoppin’ Easter bunnies. The choices are endless!

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Many of us have an aunt, uncle, or grandparent that spends all of their time during family events snapping pictures of their loved ones - or maybe, it’s you! Hiring a professional photographer will leave everyone free to enjoy the special moments as they occur while an expert preserves precious memories in real-time. 

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Photo Booth

Everyone loves a photo booth - Mom and Dad might remember squeezing into one at the mall years ago, and youngsters will have a brilliant time with this retro invention! Not only do they provide us with fun and laughter while we’re capturing pictures, but they also leave users with adorable photographic keepsakes. Both trendy and nostalgic, a photo booth is sure to be a major success at your family reunion.

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Bounce House

Did you know that some bounce house companies offer options for both kids and adults? Don’t jump to conclusions - this is a great activity for all of the family, so embrace your inner child and get to hopping! Opt for a traditional castle-style structure, or select an obstacle course that’s sure to be fun for all age groups. 

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Whether you decide to go with a bartending team or a mobile bar service, you can elevate your event with the help of a friendly mixologist. Have your bartenders craft a custom menu for you and yours, naming each delicious drink after members of your family. ”I’ll take a Grandpa Mike on the rocks, and maybe an Aunt Linda with a dash of lime!”

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Family Reunion Games & Activities

Family Feud

Steve Harvey might not be invited to your next family reunion, but that’s not going to stop you from hosting an ever-so-entertaining round of Family Feud. Have your most charismatic cousin try their hand at being a TV show host and split the rest of your family into groups to compete against one another. 

Are you playing to win fabulous prizes? Bragging rights? You choose!

Dress-up Competition

Admit it - while we do love our families, sometimes it might be nice to hang out with someone new. Have every family group dress up as an iconic family from TV, film, or history. Think the Kardashians, The Flintstones, even the Addams Family! And of course, we’re going to suggest some friendly competition to make the whole thing much more interesting. 

Talent Show

Have any tricks up your sleeve? Perhaps a song or two? Family reunions are a great opportunity for some friendly competition, so why not host a fabulous talent show? You could offer prizes for the best act of the night, the silliest entry, and the best dressed.


It’s your time to be a star! Another crowd pleaser, karaoke is a great activity that’s sure to get all the family singing their hearts out. What’s your favorite karaoke song to sing? Jolene? Mr. Brightside? 

After everyone’s had their spotlight, get everybody out of their seats for a group rendition of Sister Sledge’s ‘We Are Family’! You can even hire a karaoke DJ to handle the songs, set up, and emcee skills to get everyone involved.

Art Class

Get your creative juices flowing with a vibrant and imaginative art class. Be it painting, pottery, origami, you name it, this activity is a great way to bond as a family and craft meaningful mementos to commemorate your reunion. Get in touch with local galleries, as many artists offer lessons in their chosen expertise.

Family History Trivia

How well do you really know your family? Compete in teams or as individuals and answer questions about the life and times of your dear family members! 

Where did Aunt Siobhan go to college? What year did Charlie and Brandon get married? Who’s the eldest of Scott and Sarah’s kids?

Classic Games

You can’t go wrong with classics like sack races or a scavenger hunt, especially if your family reunion is taking place outdoors. If you’re inside, bring a variety of board games that will bring people together and can act as conversation starters between cousins who haven’t seen each other in a while.

Family Reunion Themes

Imitation Is The Best Form of Flattery

Does your Grandpa have a habit of wearing the same outfit, colors, or type of clothing? Is your Mom starting to become a bit predictable with her fashion choices? Dress up as your beloved family members to inspire endless laughter and iconic photo opportunities.

A Blast From The Past

Pick a decade and let the trends of the times inspire your outfit themes. You can become a flashy 70’s disco queen, a denim-clad 80’s rockstar, or a 90’s scrunchy-wearing popstar. Alternatively, you could ask everyone to dress up in the style that was most popular during the year they were born and give everyone a sense of nostalgia for years gone by.

Circus Theme

Who’s the ringleader of your family? Perhaps it’s time to present them with their top hat, tailcoat, and cane! A circus-themed family reunion may be a very appropriate motif, depending on how theatrical your clan may be. 

Play traditional carnival games, such as ring toss and whack-a-mole. Serve popcorn, pretzels, and candyfloss. The possibilities are endless.

More Family Reunion Ideas

Personalized T-Shirts

If there are any particularly creative family members, you can ask them to design a cool t-shirt for your soirée. Pick your color and text, and even create an eye-catching logo for your attire. Not only will your t-shirts be stylish and personal, but they’ll also help you spot your family members from a distance in more crowded settings, great for gatherings at theme parks or resorts. 

Family Tree Mural

Whether you decide to commission a professional or create your own, a mural showcasing your family tree can add endless charm and meaning to your event decor. For each branch of your tree, you can add photographs, drawings, or even handprints of every family member. While families - much like trees - continue to grow, change, and evolve, this creation will forever be a beautiful reminder of a wonderful family reunion. 


If you’ve ever tried to feed a big crowd, you’ll know that it’s nearly impossible to settle on a dish that everyone loves. Why not make it easier and organize a big potluck for your nearest and dearest? This way, everyone gets to try something new and delicious, and you don’t have to do all the preparing.

You can even have everyone bring their favorite family recipe.


A bit of friendly competition makes everything more exciting! Everyone thinks that their signature dish, be it chili, pasta, tacos, or biscuits, is the best version in the world. Put this belief to the test and have your family’s chefs battle it out to become the next MasterChef of your clan. Onlookers need not feel as though they cannot participate, as the role of taste-tester is a vitally important one!


Reminisce over your childhood trips to the woods and share this delectable snack with your younger relatives around a crackling campfire! Chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallows - simple, sweet, and hits the spot. Serve this dessert with a haunting ghost story and watch your family get spooked!

Spiked and Non-Spiked Lemonade

Lemonade is a classic summertime drink for all ages. Add a little bit of strawberry gin or raspberry vodka for the adults to create a refreshing cocktail and little drink umbrellas for the kids’ version. 

Craft Beer Table

Craft beer goes down a treat with all beer lovers. Choose your favorites from a local brewery (maybe a family-owned business?) or have a sampling session at your venue. Looking for yet another way to add some customization to your event? 

Order personalized bottle labels or beer koozies with your family name. Cheers to that!

Juice Bar

The kids are sure to love this - let them dabble in mixology at their very own juice bar! Provide them with freshly squeezed juices in a variety of flavors, pour them into charming dispensers, and let them create their own concoctions. Accouterments can include crazy straws, reusable ice cubes in whacky shapes, and freshly cut fruit. Care for a straw-rasp-mango-berry on the rocks? These little bartenders will have your order coming right up!

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