Ask the Experts: Negotiating with the Band

Marta Block


Question: Should I try to negotiate with your band?

A: Yes. We recommend thinking of this as starting a conversation, as opposed to demanding a certain price. Try and find out a little bit more from the band about why their costs are what they are and what those costs include (travel, parking, set up and tear down?). Be polite, and ask if they have any room to negotiate in their price. 

Keep in mind that if your wedding is at a popular time or on a popular date (Saturday night, holiday weekend) the band may have less room to negotiate. Also keep in mind that in your working life you have have a salary or hourly rate for your services. You may or may not be able to take a job for less than you're currently making. Your wedding professionals are just that, professionals. They have their own costs and are entitled to make a fair living. One problem that brides and grooms frequently have is that they've set an arbitrary budget for certain services, before doing any research.

Make sure to get three to five bids for any services so that you can make sure both your original number, and the amount you're paying is reasonable.