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Kids Backyard Camp Party

Nicole Steeger

Nicole Steeger


Camping can be a great party idea for the young adventurer in your life.  But, if the thought of your child and his/her friends roughing it for a night in the wilderness makes you too nervous, you should let your own backyard be the party savior! With a little creativity, hosting a backyard camping party for your child can be just as fun as a real camping excursion.  When preparing the “campgrounds” with the kids, remember at least one adult will have to sleep outside for safety sake.  Once tents and sleeping bags are arranged, campers can create their own camp flags or make their own camouflage tie-dye shirts. Following arts and crafts, a camp scavenger hunt complete with clues and prizes is a great activity for the young explorers to work in teams and learn the lay of the land on their “campsite.” 

Mini flashlights, binoculars or plastic compasses are great prizes and party favors for this outdoor theme. If you are looking to really make the backyard adventure special, you could hire an Animal Trainer to show and discuss your child’s favorite wildlife animals.  That is sure to be an exciting and memorable show for the group that would make for some great party photos! Serving dinner to the group is simple, hamburgers and hotdogs are great chow for campers of any age.  For dessert there is only one word necessary: S’MORES!  These scrumptious camping treats are classic, and if you really want to surprise your campers you could add a new twist by trying your hand at creating S’Mores Cookies or S’More Kabobs.

When dinner is finished, a game of flashlight tag followed by the entertainment of a Storyteller sharing ghoulish narratives or an Acoustic Guitarist leading the group in a campfire sing-along is a great way to end the evening.   After an action packed day the campers get to experience a fun overnight in their tents under the stars. If the children get scared or are perhaps too young to make it outside the whole night, you could easily pull off this party inside if you have the right living room or basement.  Camping indoors is also a fun option if you have a child with a winter birthday.  Just make sure you do not invite more kids than you could comfortably fit for an indoor campout. Happy camping!

Have you hosted a camping party in your backyard?  What sort of activities did you plan?  Let us know in the comments section below.