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Kids' Birthday Parties, How Much is Too Much?

Marta Block


I love throwing parties. I love the excitement of planning a menu, figuring out invitations and decorations. I love that my daughter also loves this. She looks for any excuse to have a party, and although she will fight tooth and nail about doing homework, she'll eagerly sit down to write out invitations or place cards (yes, she makes place cards, even for parties where her dolls are the only guests). 

I primarily work with weddings, so I'm used to a little extravagance and a little bit of an "everything must be perfect" attitude. I've always been sort of proud of myself that I've kept this attitude out of my kids' parties. Although I'm obviously a big supporter of hiring entertainment for a kid's party, I think kids parties should be fun, relaxed and fairly inexpensive. My kids have a friend though, whose mother does not.

Every time we get an invitation to one of her kids' parties, I roll my eyes just a little bit. She treats every party like a mini-wedding. The invitations are adorable, they usually feature a photo of the kid dressed in a costume appropriate to the party. It goes without saying that they come in the mail to the house instead of being left in the folder at school. With pre-printed address labels. The latest one came with the above Zazzle stamp. The parties are always at unusual places in the city near our 'burb. Places that no one else in the school has ever had a party. The goody bags are beautiful and often personalized with individual names. She provides separate snacks/drinks for the grown ups. Yes, I mean cocktails. Sometimes I feel like I'd like to dislike her just a little bit. But, this mother is incredibly nice. She's warm and loving and treats everyone like a long lost friend. She's a fantastic hostess and goes out of her way to invite siblings and new kids.

So, my question to you is this? How much is too much for a kids' party? Share your thoughts!