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Kids' Party Ideas: The First Slumber Party

Marta Block


The first slumber party I ever went to was at Hillary's house. I still have vivid memories of girls in sleeping bags in the living room, staying up later than I ever had before and eating bagels for breakfast the next morning. Over (cough cough) years later, Hillary is still my best friend, and I still think the first slumber party is a special event.  My daughter had her own first slumber party for her 7th birthday. Having a slumber party definitely made her feel grown up, so she decided to take control. She made her own invitations, hand writing all of the information (I followed up with an email to parents).

pink and purple invitation suppliesinvitation held by girl
TIP: My daughter has a late February birthday and pink is her favorite color. Finding pink and purple card supplies (as well as the heart confetti seen below) on sale was easy. If your child has a favorite color, think about what season it best suits and try and hit the clearance racks soon after the season ends to stock up on party supplies. She created small party favors that doubled as seating cards by writing the guests' names on paint cards (free at any paint or hardware store) and then using pink silly bands to attach the cards to reusable Tinkerbell cups (matching her fairy theme).

girl using paint cards for place cardsplace setting happy birthday

(DISCLAIMER: I don't like the paper plates. We went to the store for colorful plastic plates, but she saw these and fell in love. Sometimes you have to put your inner-design loving self in a time out and remember that the party is really about your kid). For older girls, this adorable spa theme seen on Anders Ruff serves the same purpose, with more sophistication! spa theme table setting

One thing that surprised us was how quickly all the girls wanted to jump into their sleeping bags. We had dinner and hours of activities and entertainment planned, but what was special for the guests was the idea that they would be spending the night. If  I'd  known that they would be so eager to get in bed, I might have stolen this cute idea from a "bedtime books" baby shower featured on Hostess with the Mostess.  Those are long tables with sheets instead of tablecloths!

tables with sheets to look like beds

We went the simple path with breakfast the next morning, cinnamon rolls and fruit, re-using the centerpiece from dinner the night before.

cinnamon rolls for breakfast

Although, now that I see this adorable vintage-styled cereal buffet from Design Indulgences, I'm thinking next time, my daughter and I clearly have to step up our game! buffet for breakfast Do you have any special slumber party memories? Where are your favorite places to look for inspiration for your kids' parties? Tell us in the comments.